How to choose furniture for a small bedroom

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom

Having a small bedroom can be real torture when we do not know how to organize so many things that we can have. In this article, we will discuss how to choose furniture for a small bedroom.

Many people tend to live in messy chaos because of this and, without wanting to and without realizing it; they end up living and sleeping inside something that looks more like an animal’s nest than a person’s room.

Part of the problem is in the furniture we chose for this mini-room. Therefore, we will give you the advice you need to be able to have an efficient, beautiful and comfortable organization.

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom

  1. Learning to Live Inside a Matchbox
  2. Starting with the bed
  3. Less is more
  4. Extras Tips
  5. An open closet
  6. Colors
  7. The choice of furniture for a bedroom

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 1: Learning to live inside a Matchbox

Well, maybe it seems a little exaggerated to say that we’ll teach you to live inside a matchbox.

But is not that how we sometimes feel when the door to the room does not even open fully due to lack of space?

But that happens because of a more cultural problem than space. You see, Swedish and Japanese culture does not use large furniture, nor are their furniture very heavy. However, we all know that Japanese houses are very beautiful and functional.

Being so many inhabitants and having such a limited space, they have learned to make what they have worked comfortably.

That is why some rabbits that we will give you can easily associate with this culture; we do not pretend to tell you how to completely change the concept of your decoration (if you have it in that small space), we just want to give you the best ideas for that kind of space.Learning to live inside a Matchbox

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 2: Starting with the bed

The bed is definitely the largest furniture in our bedroom. Obviously, the mattress needs to be large since we should be able to lie down on it comfortably; all our stature emptied in a horizontal space.

The curious thing is that the bed structure, the concept of bed as we know it does not exist in traditional Japanese culture. They have always slept “on the floor” that is; on a futon.

No, a futon is not the typical “mat” you have in mind; it is not about sleeping with your back to the ground or with a small protective layer. The futon is a very cushioned piece, really very soft and comfortable.

But its malleability allows us to store it practically in any wardrobe. Removing the structure of the bed from the room.

And the magic of the futon is to be able to save it when it is not going to sleep. The minimalist concept teaches us that: If something is not being used, then it is best to keep it. The invisibility of furniture and utensils is never applied in the bedroom because it is not culturally seen as a piece of furniture that is used or not used.

At least that’s the way it is in the West, however; in Japan, there is no such problem.

And it does not matter if you do not have a spacious closet to store it in.

Futons can be rolled into several “stages” so you can turn it into a kind of sofa on the floor during the day.Starting with the bed

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 3: Less is more

The key to making the most of space in a small bedroom is to have the least amount of furniture. Therefore it is good to opt for those options that offer us to meet several needs at once.

Instead of having a nightstand, a desk and a dresser; you could add an “L” piece of furniture with the right height to the bedroom.

Space could be dedicated to the computer; there would be your area of study/work. By adding one or two invisible or floating shelves, you will have enough space to perform any necessary work; store objects such as books or workbooks and of course pencils and colors.

All without counting the drawers you may have. Always try that the drawers are not very wide, but they can be tall. That is, it is better to have two deep drawers and to which you can add one of two funds internally; have to have several thin drawers.

The reason for this is due to the free space you will have for mobility. If you have a chair with a wheel; ideally, you can move freely throughout the entire surface of your new work table in “L”.

Maybe you find it a bit difficult to get the ideal table, so we recommend you go to carpentry and ask for it. No, the cost is not higher. Remember that although you will be charged extra for labor, the materials that are required are very simplified.

To complement the use that you will give, you can add a mirror on the wall in the opposite corner of the “L” furniture where you have the computer; if that space is close to the bed (in case you do not want to eliminate it) it can serve as a bedside table.Less is more

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 4: Extras Tips

The best way to take advantage of space in a small room is to use as much as you can the “height” factor.

When we talk about space being limited, we always refer to square meters, but never to cubic meters, so to speak; we always despise the distance from the floor to ceiling.

But when it comes to saving space there is no better technique than buying a shelf with levels of various heights but not very wide. Using organizational boxes you can store an infinite number of things in each of those levels. Maybe even more than you really have.

It is also a piece of furniture that you can order to size, this time using the wardrobe as a guide, which by the way, if that closet does not have sliding doors, maybe you should consider adding them.

Although swing doors are the standard in older furniture, it analyzes Japanese culture; its doors are all sliding and the same happens with the use of doors in minimalist furniture.

In addition, in this way you can place the mirror on the wall to create a feeling of immensity inside the bedroom.Extras Tips

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 5: An open closet

Continuing with the idea of high-drawer furniture, you could also leave the closet without a door, an open dressing room as it is known in decoration.

Organizing clothes that are not seasonal in the upper part inside the suitcases and placing this closet in front of the bathroom exit; the cleaning tasks will become much more practical and simple.

If you buy a dressing room also in “L”, you can create a picture of harmony in the bedroom thanks to the desk/table/ comber. In addition, you will have the alternative of several levels of compartments of different sizes; the futon can be rolled comfortably to be stored in one of them.An open closet

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 6: Colors

Hopefully, your mini room has a natural light input. In any case, the colors you should use to extend the view of the room are:

  • White
  • Light brown
  • Beige
  • Dark brown
  • Sand

Thanks to the wood tones, you will achieve a cozy aura, worthy of a bedroom designed to relax. If you buy a futon, you can highlight the difference of when it is a bedroom dedicated to sleep (when you take out the futon) and when it is your place of work.

As a last tip, we recommend that you take advantage of all the cornerstones with warehouse solutions; either to save something that you will use every day as the chargers of the different devices, as something that you will use very occasionally. Never stop using a space.

How to choose furniture for a small bedroom- 7: The choice of furniture for a bedroom

The bedroom is the room that has the greatest privacy of the house, regardless of whether it is for teenagers, adults or children. The arrangement and decoration of the bedroom depend only on the personal preferences of the owner. However, you should consider adapting the furniture you are going to use for the room, such as the size of the bed (including bedding) that should be long enough to make your room more comfortable.

The size of the bed, especially in a romantic bedroom, should not be so large as to occupy space that can be used for something else, such as space to walk around the bed or so you can clean the room more easily. In the case that you have a small room, you should choose a bed that has wheels so you can move it when cleaning.

The size of the mattress you use should correspond to the size of the bed. Today, there are many types of mattresses available, such as spring mattresses, coconut fiber, sponge, kapok, rubber, etc. The choice of a mattress to use in a sleeping room also depends on the age of the person who will use it, for example, teenagers should use a softer mattress than adults, which should be a bit harder, like coconut fiber mattresses.The choice of furniture for a bedroom

We hope you will like these tips to choose furniture for a small bedroom. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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