Clever ways to give yourself more space

How do you achieve more space at home without moving to a bigger property? Thinking environmentally, you ideally want to achieve more space but with the same footprint. This is where you need to think creatively. Take a good look at your home and you’ll probably discover more space than you previously thought you had. Do you have an unused outhouse? A garage, cellar or attic space? Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

If you want to expand, sometimes you have to look to going upwards. Expanding your attic to create a light and airy room is often the solution that homeowners are looking for. Whether you need an additional bedroom or a home office, you can make the most of attic space even if the gables cause some obstruction. Using clever, space-saving furniture will ensure you make the most of every square inch.

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If going up is not an option, what about going down? Some older basement/cellar spaces might already have original features like a fireplace for example. Low ceilings and excess moisture can sometimes be an issue that can put people off using a basement as additional living space.

However, if you have little problem with damp and the ceiling isn’t prohibitively low, you can transform this space into a home theatre, gym, play room, food pantry, utility room or bathroom for example.

Another environmentally-friendly option is building an outhouse with logs. A wooden log cabin can have prime location overlooking the garden and property and offers beautifully comfortable relaxation, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Decorate with furniture, rugs, plants, a painting and some mirrors and you have an ideal additional living space. For Log Cabins Northern Ireland, visit

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Don’t overlook an old garden shed either. A 12-by-12 outbuilding can be transformed into a usable porch with a gabled roof and cottage windows. You could use this as a garden summerhouse, as additional storage for any equipment or as a playroom for the children, for example.

Is your garage just full of junk? This is a common phenomenon but such a terrible waste of space. Go through your belongings, either storing items in the loft, selling them on second-hand sites or throwing them away for good. That way, you can renovate your garage space into a recreation room, home gym, office space or family gaming room. Consider adding in a ceiling, proper walls with insulation, an insulated subfloor, wiring and even plumbing to turn this wasted space into somewhere you can extend family life into.



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