Tar color: 5 interesting ideas to beautify your home

Tar color: 5 interesting ideas to beautify your home

Do you like tar color but don’t know how to combine it? What are the right choices to make? Discover the step-by-step with our article in which we suggest useful solutions for the walls, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

The tar color is certainly a particular and interesting shade. When you think of this color, you mistakenly associate it with black, but the tar color with which you decorate your home has nothing to do with black. It is in fact a lighter shade of brown, which can be commonly confused with ecru.

The tar color for your home

Being a neutral color tone, it goes perfectly with any type of style you have chosen for your home so, with the tar color, you will not be afraid to make a flop with the rest of the furniture. Usually, you choose to prefer a particular color and then make it the leitmotif in all environments, and since tar is a versatile color you could choose it for the entire apartment without getting tired or dull. How can you do it? By following our advice!

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1. For the walls

It is common to use tar to paint the walls of your home. While it’s a fairly light color though, it’s not as bright as only white can be. The disadvantage therefore of a room completely painted in tar color , occurs if it is a question of having to paint the walls of a dimly lit room. In fact, if it needs as much light as possible, prefer the choice of white for the walls, while you can opt to tar only one in particular.’

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The tar wall in this case you could choose according to what you prefer stands out in your room, which can be the sofa area if it is the living room or the wall where you have placed your bed. As an alternative to painting, you could consider wallpaper with a tar background and white drawings, to be applied on the wall of your choice, so as not to make the environment too “loaded”.

2. A stay with charm

For the tar decor of your living room, you have a lot of choices. You can choose furniture in this color or for the sofa. Using a tar sofa, you can give it a pop of color with navy blue or pastel pink cushions, if you prefer to combine them with a more feminine color. For example, a coffee table made of rose gold would suit us well, which gives a chic touch to the environment. As an alternative to the sofa in this color, you can opt for the carpenter color to match the sofa in a cream color that goes perfectly with this color.

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If, on the other hand, for your living room you have decided to use tar color to paint the walls of the entire room, you can opt for a sofa in a very light shade of the tar itself, or for a cream-colored sofa to be combined with cushions of a slight undertone. more delicate than the choice of walls.

3. Kitchen decorative items, chair cushions

If you decide to use it for the kitchen, we recommend that you opt for furniture in this color and leave the walls white, which not only gives more brightness to the room but at the same time gives the feeling of a well-cleaned environment . If your kitchen has a breakfast table or an island to which you have combined chairs, you can recall the color of the furniture for the fabric of the seat cushion covers.

4. Bedroom

For the bedroom it is necessary to prefer colors that recall the feeling of tranquility , so the tar color is perfect for carrying out this task in the best possible way. Also for this room, you have several options to choose from. Apart from the color of the walls, in fact, you can use this color for the choice of the bed structure to combine with pillows of a lighter or darker color, according to your personal tastes. For the headboard, you can also opt for a wood color to combine with a tar-colored bedspread and walls that will coexist in harmony with each other.

5. The bathroom

If you want to choose the tar color for your bathroom, you also have a few options here. What we recommend is to choose a shade of tar to paint the walls of the room and to prefer other shades that are darker or even lighter, for the choice of furniture in the bathroom. An alternative to completely tar walls is to “ break up ” by painting half the wall horizontally white, or paint the entire bathroom white or beige and install tar-colored tiles on the sink.

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RGB tar color

If you want to know the RGB code of the tar color it is 210; 180; 140.

For dark tar, on the other hand, its RGB code is 145; 129; 81.

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