All you need to know how to grow rocket

All you need to know how to grow rocket

Fresh, aromatic, summery, pungent, the rocket is perfect for salads, for sauces or as a side dish for meats, on pizza, in filling piadine: cultivating rocket then it is something to learn, to always have this salad within reach of hand and enrich our dishes. Let’s know how to grow rocket.

How to grow rocket?

how to grow rocket

If you do not think you have the right soil or space, do not worry: you can also grow rocket in a pot.

  • Fresh, summer, rocket is easy to grow and adapts to any type of soil
  • Fresh, summer, rocket is easy to grow and adapts to any terrain

It is a very simple process and adapts to every type of climate and soil: rocket resists drought and frost, it is productive and does well.

The rocket, in fact, is low in calories and rich in vitamins, water, minerals and vitamin C .

Perfect for those who are pregnant, for those who are unaffected (contains substances that can stimulate appetite), contributes to bone health , has relaxing properties (it can even be found as an ingredient of some teas ) and has digestive capacity.

how to grow rocket

Here then how to grow rocket to enjoy, so comfortably, its particular flavor and its thousand beneficial properties.

As already stated, this type of salad has no particular cultivation problems and is suitable for all types of soil. If you like it particularly spicy and pungent , the soil must be particularly dry.

To sow it, there is time until September and it is necessary to irrigate frequently , especially during the summer.

The first rocket leaves sprout already after a week

how to grow rocket

The rocket seeds last for a long time (up to 4 years), the salad germinates and grows quickly: the first green seedlings will sprout already after a week from sowing and a few days later you can already collect it for your salad.

How to sow it on the ground?

A broadcaster , or a file . If you have the seeds broadcasted, after throwing them you will have to rake lightly to cover them: the advantage is that the sowing will be faster.

Otherwise, you can sow the salad in rows, so as to keep the strains well ventilated, leaving the space of the palm of one hand between one seedling and another. Keep Reading how to germinate seeds.

This solution is suitable for those with larger spaces to grow rocket , such as a vegetable garden or a garden. Cover the seeds even in this case and irrigate frequently every day.

Do not forget to cut the inflorescences : your rocket, in fact, will tend to bloom and cutting it so that the leaves do not become too bitter.

Grow the rocket in a pot

how to grow rocket

If you have a vegetable garden on the balcony, you can grow the rocket in a pot without too much difficulty. Choose a fertile soil and spread the seeds to be covered, then, with a thin layer of earth.

When they sprout inside the pot, you can space the seedlings apart . Also in this case, it is important to irrigate regularly but without exaggerating. Pazientate a few weeks and then … go wild with rocket in all your recipes !

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