Four decorating tips to reduce stress at home

Four decorating tips to reduce stress at home

Health care is one of the usual goals of the New Year. A care that starts from one’s conscious attitude. In addition to living the pleasant sensation of a relaxing bath, you can reinforce your philosophy of calm through other simple steps. By means of the decoration you can also increase your levels of well-being. How can you increase tranquility through decoration?


reduce stress at home

This term shows the combination of two words: mindfulness and food. A philosophy that applies full attention to gastronomic pleasure. By creating a routine around the main meals of the day where the enjoyment of that moment, far from the technological connection, becomes an anchor of happiness.

The decoration is very present in this experience of full attention when you pay attention to the details of presentation of the plate and decoration of the table. Aspects that embellish the recipe from the visual point of view and, therefore, also feed the appetite through that image so appetizing.

Enjoy the pleasure of feeding yourself consciously increasing the presence in the here and now. Start the day with the enjoyment of a delicious breakfast.

External order through an open dressing room

reduce stress at home

The start of a new year is also a good time to increase commitment to daily objectives. For example, maintaining order in the space through functional furniture that meets the needs of each area. However, it is not enough to gather the ideal storage space, it is also essential to avoid the tendency towards accumulation.

For example, you can put in boxes those clothes that are in good condition and that you no longer use to donate them to an entity that demands this collaboration. The open dressing rooms one of the tendencies of the moment that shows the contents of it as a decorative element over that space. In addition, the characteristics of this type of format make order a fundamental objective.

Meeting space

reduce stress at home

The resilience to stress also increases from contact with family and loved ones. The living room can be that meeting point where you can create moments, share conversations and live the time from the absence of haste.

In that case, when decorating the room, pay special attention to the sensations you experience in that place. Try that the colors, the distribution of the space and the accessories are aligned with that search for tranquility. A place to be and be from freedom, creating shared moments through words and silences.

Colors of nature in the house

reduce stress at home

One of the natural healthy medicines to minimize stress is to strengthen contact with open spaces. Landscapes that produce aesthetic emotions from amazement and contemplation.

Therefore, when decorating the house you can also select colors that produce a vitamin effect in the mood through direct contact with places that project from within this natural power. The blue is one of those colors present in nature that can dress any of the walls of your home.

Therefore, your home is a metaphor for the comfort zone in which you feel that space reflects your way of being through the language of interior design. Reinforce your own well-being through conscious enjoyment where each element has a reason for being. A why and a why that is summarized in one word: welfare.

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