How To Use Air Conditioner Effectively? Protect Health and Save Electricity

We can feel the summer heat and it’s time to refresh the rooms of the house, offices and other environments. When temperatures rise, there are many who decides to install an air conditioning system to cool the premises. But maybe have a question in mind: How to use air conditioner effectively?

If you opt for this solution, know that there are some tricks to save energy and to cut the cost of the bill as well as to ensure that the action of the air conditioning is really efficient. Just keep in mind some simple measures that you will find in this article, if you have the confusion of how to use air conditioner effectively.

When you use air conditioning correctly, you also protect your health. In fact, if the air conditioner positioned in the right place and if you are exposed directly to the air flow (attention, especially, to the placement of the desk in the study or office) avoided many problems, such as stiff neck, muscle aches, neck pain, sore throat, bronchitis, gastroenteritis, otitis and sinusitis. Apart from the waste of electricity, with too cold air you risk bronchitis, cough and asthma. Here we have collected few tricks to avoid a harmful frost and to turn on the system when you really need it. Keep reading till the end of this article to gather the knowledge of how to use air conditioner effectively.

How To Use Air Conditioner

Why use air conditioner effectively?

Think of a work day with temperatures around 40 degrees and with the hot heat, and in special circumstances and places, it becomes impossible to renounce the use of the air conditioner. But this does not mean that you have to do it without any precaution that allows maximum performance and also protect your health.

In the wrong use of the air conditioner there is in fact a double waste. Of money, which we pay in the bill with the energy consumption that fly (and the air conditioner is a “heavy” home appliance from this point of view). Of health, because the cold air into the house during the summer season also brings bronchitis, cough, asthma and even obesity.

How to use air conditioner effectively for save energy?

The air conditioner is now a consumer appliance considering that almost 40 percent of peoples have one and 90 percent of public offices are equipped with appliances of this type. So, how to use air conditioner effectively for save energy. In addition, the technology has made huge steps forward in terms of energy savings: a class A ++ appliance reduces energy consumption, and therefore the cost in the bill, to a third compared to a lower class air conditioner.

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How to use air conditioner effectively without damage to your health?

To begin with, it is good to know that a single plant has a consumption that is between 400 and 600 kilowatt hours for about 500 hours of operation: this means that the use of the air conditioner must therefore take place only when actually necessary.

How To Use Air Conditioner

How to use air conditioner effectively

Here we have collected 10 tips, those are very simple, to avoid wasting electricity with the air conditioners and protect your health during the summer …

1) When purchasing, choose conditioners of energy class not inferior to A. They are more expensive, but the greater expense is quickly amortized thanks to a decrease in consumption in the bill: these appliances can in fact lead to a 30% reduction in consumption.

2) The appliances must be placed at the top, for the simple reason that the cold air tends to fall. And therefore the effectiveness of the cooling is higher if the position is correct. Also, never place the air conditioner behind curtains or sofas: they prevent fresh air from spreading, blocking it in a certain space.

3) Do not overdo the cold, and do not turn homes into glaciers. The temperature difference between the exterior and interior must not exceed six degrees. This is also to avoid thermal changes and possible health problems.

4) Check the system filters at least once a year. If they are dirty, they devour current and gas. It is also essential to clean the filters well to avoid that the molds and the bacteria that surround them can cause us any health problems.

5) Pay attention to the dispersion of cold air: if the shutters and the shutters remain lowered during the hours when the temperature is higher, you will use less energy to cool.

6) Combine a ceiling fan with blades to the air conditioner, and use them alternately.

7) During the night hours, limit the appliance’s power-on time to minimum and use the “night” function or program the system: sleeping in the air conditioning is bad and can cause coughs and bronchitis.

8) Avoid turning on the air conditioner in rooms where you do not spend most of your time: it’s just a waste of energy.

9) If the environment is not particularly exposed to the sun, consider using a simple cooling device instead of the air conditioner. Remember also that all the new generation air conditioners also have the function of “dehumidification”: by lowering the percentage of humidity, the room refreshes naturally, with a minimum consumption of energy.

10) Finally, do not forget the natural alternative to using the air conditioner: the old technique of air currents. Create a room between one room and another by opening a door and a window: you will have a fresh home in a natural way without using any cooling system.

In the end, if you opt for this solution, then you know how to use air conditioner effectively to save energy and ensure that the action of the air conditioning is really efficient for you health. Just keep in mind some simple measures to use air conditioner effectively.

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