Ideas to give life to the corridors of your house

Ideas to give life to the corridors of your house

When we think about decoration, we do not always remember each and every one of the corners that are part of our home. The most normal thing is to think about the living room, the bedroom or the dining room. However, we must also pay attention to other parts such as the corridors, because decorating them we can earn much more than we imagine.

In this article I am going to give you a series of ideas with which I hope to awaken your creativity. As you can see, with little effort you can wear any aisle, however small or narrow it may be. You do not believe it? Keep reading!


Put an elongated carpet

There are rugs that were born to live in a hallway. How to recognize them? Because of their size, since they tend to be narrow and longer than usual. If you do not want a single carpet to occupy the entire aisle because you do not like the final result, you are always in time to place two carpets with the same design (or with a very similar design).

Walls with personality

With paint, with paintings, with photos … You can decorate the corridors as you consider appropriate according to your tastes. A corridor full of pictures and family photos will transmit sweetness and make you smile, while painting can come in handy to differentiate the corridor from other rooms, although you should not opt for a totally different color, as it is always good to have certain homogeneity.


A living corridor thanks to the plants

The plants also deserve their space in every hall that aspires to be more than a few square meters that take you to the different rooms of your home. For low-light corridors, ivy, aspidistra and ribbons are highly recommended, and if the temperature is usually high, you have to think about the espadrille, the cisus or the anthurium. As you probably will not have much space to accommodate them, you will have to think of small plants.

A small bookstore

Do you have space to place a small library 30 centimeters deep? If the answer is yes, I would not think twice about you. Your favorite books can wear your hallway every day, although it is true that sometimes you do not have to look at the quality of them, but in the color of the cover. If the walls of your house are beige and the bookstore that you are going to buy is white, you may want to place books that have a beige cover to create the ideal combination.


Wallpaper never fails

If you still have not dared to place wallpaper in any room of your home, the hallway may be a good test bed, since there are countless designs designed to dress the walls of the passage areas, thanks to the wallpaper and the rest of the ideas that I share in this article happen to become something more than a boring area of passage.

And if you add a piece of furniture?

If the corridor is not too narrow, you are always in time to place a piece of furniture in the hallway type chest of drawers. You can buy it with a design very similar to the elements that will surround it, but you can also take advantage of the inclusion of that piece of furniture to give a distinctive touch to the hallway. Be that as it may, it is evident that the furniture will have to be small (shallow).

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