Keep your Home Safe from the Weather this Winter

Making sure that the house is ready to ride out the winter weather is important – in Britain we are no stranger to having severe weather affecting the UK, and some winters we have weather that is very bad indeed – one of the joys of living in the UK is unpredictable weather, so particularly before the winter sets in, making sure that the house is ready for what the weather can throw at it is important.

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One of the main things to ensure we have in the winter is central heating. Making sure that the heating is working properly is a good idea, from both a practical as well as a safety point of view. Copper pipe  like this may need replacing, radiators may need bleeding or the boiler may need to be updated.

Gardens also need to be prepared for the winter. Furniture can be damaged by the bad weather, so keep it protected under covers, and also make sure that it is well secured, in case of high winds – garden furniture can be blown around if it gets stormy and cause damage to property as well as injuries.

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If you are in an area that is likely to flood, it is good to be prepared for this and to have defences such as sandbags at the ready. Although the Met office do issue weather warnings, the weather can change fairly quickly so it is good to have these ready just in case.


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