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A declaration of solvency also has purposes in business. When shareholders wish to liquidate a solvent company, they create a declaration of solvency and then continue with the process of a members’ voluntary liquidation. The people requesting a declaration of solvency must be physically present when they are sworn before a notary or solicitor.

A declaration of solvency is also necessary when people are gifting a property or their share in a property. It is not a glamorous process and is hardly ever depicted in movies, tv shows or novels when characters are gifting a property. In movies word heavy processes or terminology is usually cut out in order to not confuse audience members or slow down the pacing of the storytelling. Increasing the pace of movies is especially important in action movies and thrillers. Slowing down the pacing may bore audience members. Many movies are also shorter on average. Many production companies prefer 120 min long movies over one that may last close to 3 hours. The length of movies may also differ culturally. Bollywood movies are typically longer than Hollywood movies, with many of the most famous classics lasting around 3 hours. Egyptian cinema is also fond of long movies with consistently fast pacing throughout, making them very eventful all the way through.

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