A comprehensive guide to the best window styles

A comprehensive guide to the best window styles

The windows of your home say a lot about your personal style. Whether you’re security conscious or love to let natural light flood your home, there’s a style of window to suit you.

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Casement windows: the traditional choice

When you think of a traditional window, the chances are you picture a casement. This style has been in use for centuries and was originally a simple single framed opening.

Modern casements can be hinged at the bottom and the top as well as the sides –  https://www.thespruce.com/most-popular-window-styles-1822931. They open inwards or outwards to keep your home well ventilated. Another style of casement window has a tilt and turn opening mechanism and can be fitted with multiple locking points to add extra security to your home.

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Sliding sash: the sophisticated choice

When you think of sash windows Dublin has many period properties that retain this sophisticated feature. But sash windows can look just as stylish in a modern home and can slide horizontally or vertically depending on the style of property. This style of window is also more space efficient than a casement when space is at a premium.

Timber sash windows are traditional but this newly popular style is also available in uPVC for easy maintenance. If you’re interested in adding the elegance of sash windows to your home, then contact a good window company like www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin, to discover your options.

Bay windows: the light and airy choice

A bay window can create a private nook for a window seat or open out a room while enhancing your property’s kerb appeal. If your living space is dark then a bay window will help to maximise the natural light that can enter the room. Be prepared to pay significantly more for this style of window, thanks to the construction involved. If you’re simply replacing the glazing, then casement or sash are both sensible styles of window opening in a bay.

Roof windows: the modern choice

Roof windows, rooflights, skylights and Velux can all be installed as fixed or pivoting windows. For something more dramatic, in a conservatory, for example, a roof lantern can add real style. The advantage of roof windows is that they’re a relatively inexpensive way of opening up a space and bringing in light – ideal for a bedroom or study in a loft conversion or house extension.


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