Anyone can cook so they say. But, can they?

Have you ever been round to someone’s house for tea or dinner and its plainly obvious that what you’ve been served is utter rubbish? Of course, you are a polite British person and will say something like “its fine Jean, honestly” which is code for this is the worst meal I’ve ever been presented with and I think I may have to visit A and E after this. It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what they do they are just a bad chef. Even if you stuck them in front of a beautiful commercial oven like a Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 such as you can view at and got someone round to help them like Gino D’Campo or Delia Smith.

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We’re not talking about people who won’t cook, in fact the BBC made a very successful programme out of the that concept by pitting to terrible cooks, or at least to people who refused to cook and got por Ainsley Harriot ot try and convince them that they could actually do it. No those are just lazy people these are the people who think they can cook when they can’t. It’s the type of person that you’ll likely to see on Come Dine with me. Some of them even give up and secretly order a takeaway anyway (it’s not against the rules…). There are the really scary ones because you know they’ll have leafed through an old Fanny Craddock book and decided its time they gave that fancy French cooking a try. Next thing you know your sitting down to blue eggs treated with food colourant and a duck is being incinerated in the kitchen where something purporting to be a la orange is more Tropicana than the Gavroche.

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Perhaps we should not be mean. At least their having a go. I always wondered about Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet). She constantly raved on about her candlelight suppers being an excuse to get the Royal Doulton out and she would invite the great and good round, but we never saw if she actually had one that was attended mainly because people would make up huge excuses not to go. Did she cook it herself? Did she get caterers in? What was on the menu. It’s a worry because the food might have been absolutely amazing even if the company was horrible.

All we can do is be polite say “it’s very nice”, and then try and stick some the Dogs way when no one is looking.

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