Smart Home Gadgets to Leave You Spellbound

Smart Home Gadgets to Leave You Spellbound

With the incredible advancements we’re enjoying in technology these days, there are scores of awesome devices adorning most our homes. They aren’t just for show either, and offer us great solutions to problems we face every day. Furthermore, the simple designs and improved functions they make possible conserve space and reduce our effort.

Wireless Speakers

Stand alone Wi-Fi home speakers greatly enhance the pleasure we derive from our music, and, like most things these days, can be controlled with an application on our smartphones. You can access your music library from anywhere, they add a classy look to your decor, and you can enjoy listening to your favourite songs whether you’re working, catching up on emails and the like, or enjoying some downtime at superb sites like River Belle Casino, where you can play the latest and greatest slots and more whenever you have a spare moment.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 

Cleaning your floors and vacuuming are now a breeze thanks to the Ecovacs range from Deebot, a pioneer company in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. The D77, for example, is a 3-D home cleaning solution that makes use of smart technology in order to detect obstacles and navigate around them. It can automatically empty dustbins, and has several modes, each of which clean different types of flooring. You can pre-set it to clean when you’re not home, too, with an intelligent time scheduling feature.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs 

The Phillips Hue LED Lighting System makes managing your lighting at home that much more convenient. Wave goodbye to the old-fashioned wall switch, and enjoy the experience of new-age smart lighting systems that can be managed via your smartphone. The system gets controlled thanks to a Wifi bridged mobile application, and you can turn lights on and off remotely, or schedule them to do so with your handheld. The lights are high-quality and energy-saving, and perfectly suited to both home and working environments.

The Bediator 

Bediator uses intelligent heating technology that brings rooms up to the ideal temperature during the bitterly cold winter season. It’s energy efficient too, unlike traditional radiators, and will probably see you saving on your bills, as well. It is a stylish radiator that transforms into a bed with just one flip, and will turn over and slide on to the floor once you push the button located on its side. The LED display further allows you to view information like the current temperature for the room and the date.

The Smart Faucet

This environmentally-friendly faucet has the potential to save as many as 15 000 gallons per unit every year, and you can use its innovative technology to help conserve water sources. It is also able to conserve energy thanks to its intelligent design, and your carbon footprint is thus drastically reduced when you use it. Smart Faucets are free of contaminants and hygienic, since you don’t need to touch the valves in order to use them, and children, the disabled, and the elderly can all enjoy them stress-free.

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