The personality and wit of an animated magic carpet.

The story, films and television series of Aladdin is one that seems to have stood the test of time and is loved by many families around the globe. There are many characters that bring to life the stories and have become firm favourites with people of all ages, and these include the genie and the magic carpet. Although carpet does not speak, he is animated so beautifully that you can pinpoint his mood and emotions merely through his movements. However, I am sure that he wouldn’t take too kindly to be washed. As long as you don’t have a magic flying carpet you can be sure that Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company will be able to have your flooring looking sparkly and new in no time at all.

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Now back to the wonder of the magic carpet. He is essentially a sentient Persian rug who lived most of his life in the treasure room of the Cave of Wonders. He is being kept there along with many other forbidden treasures including the magic lap which is home to a genie. These two characters have been best friends for thousands and thousands of years. They come across Aladdin by chance after he is instructed by Jafar to collect the lap from the cave. They are warned not to touch anything but the lamp, but of course naughty little Abu cannot resist the temptation of the glistening jewels that are lying around. After causing the cave to disappear below the sand Aladdin and Abu need the genie and carpet in order to escape.

The carpet moves around the screen in various scenes with incredible grace and was amongst the first characters to be completely computer animated. This was necessary for the carpet as his appearance and movements were so complex. It was Randy Cartwright who animated the beloved character and only used traditional animation techniques on the tassels and hands and feet of the carpet.

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Carpet is such a wonderful character that he has made a number of cameo appearances in other films and programmes including Sofia the First television series where he appears to rescue Jasmine and Sofia from a forest that they cannot get out of. He also has a more hidden role in the Hunchback of Notre Dame where he can be seen rolled up underneath the arm of a villager. In the Princess and the Frog, he can be seen shaken by a woman removing the dust and dirt from his surface. So next time you are watching a Disney film or programme keep your eyes peeled and you might see the carpet making a sneaky little appearance.

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