How to customize a rental apartment

How to customize a rental apartment

Live rent and feel comfortable in our apartment is possible. The best of all? Without having to resort to works (which are not possible without the approval of the owner) and not spend a lot of money. We tell you some ideas that will help you customize a rental apartment in a home that you really feel yours.

We help you to give life to your corners (whether floors or walls) without having to negotiate with your landlord and without fear of losing your bail. Sometimes it is enough with some other retouching to get your rental apartment completely transformed. Take note!

Dress the floors with carpets

If you did not really like the floor when you first arrived at your rental apartment, but you have no choice but to accept it, we have the ideal solution: a carpet!

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Transform the floor and add warmth with a carpet that suits your style and provides personality. And here the options are endless. You can trust the exoticism of the kilims, or maybe a piece of trend like a beautiful Berber carpet or a design of vegetable fibers that is super trendy. You can also choose a classic carpet if you are looking for elegance and timeless touch. Super practical even on the terrace. So do not give up on them even on your exterior, where you can opt for a carpet of synthetic fibers.

Transform the sofa with a cover and cushions

If you are tired of that boring sofa, the simplest, fastest and cheapest solution is to cover it with a nice sofa cover. And to complete the look, nothing better than cushions. The final touch that will give character and that new air you are looking for your sofa and your living room. Take the opportunity to experiment and introduce prints, colors and even textures (with the help of materials).

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Bring life to the walls

The walls are another key space to customize a rental apartment. In this sense you have two options. If you feel encouraged, you can choose to give a coat of paint to the walls of your rental apartment (or the most conflict areas).

But if you consider that your walls are not in such bad condition, then try decorating them with paintings, illustrations, photographs … You can even give an eclectic touch by adding some traditional treasure from some exotic country. Maybe an African mask or a Japanese tapestry. It is about personalizing the walls to adapt them to your tastes and interests. So give it imagination to create your own art gallery. And do it in some special place that looks especially. Maybe the wall of the sofa, on the bed in the bedroom or in the hall if you have space.

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Give yourself plants

Nature lovers are in luck because nothing better personalizes a rental apartment than the plants. So do not hesitate to create a green lung in any room of your house. You can opt for a plant in XL version to brighten up those dead nooks that you do not like so much and do not know what to do with them. Although you can also choose small flower arrangements or even succulent plants (such as cactus) distributed throughout your rental apartment.

Renew bedroom textiles

In the bedroom bet on textiles to make your decoration look different. Maybe a new curtains, a rug, a plaid, a Nordic game or even a nice headboard. As in the living room, you can choose textiles with vibrant designs that cause impact. Take a chance to mix prints and fabrics to make your bedroom look like a space worthy of a magazine.

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