How to clean an air conditioner

How to clean an air conditioner

In areas with sudden climate changes, with cold winters and very hot summers, most of its inhabitants have an air conditioning system at home, such as an aerothermal system. Therefore, keeping an air conditioner in perfect condition is essential for the device to work correctly whenever it needs to be used and there are no unforeseen events. In addition to carrying out the necessary cleaning tasks, it is often necessary to contact the appropriate technical service, which is responsible for the repair and tuning of air conditioners.

But, to begin with, how to clean an air conditioner? It is something very basic that, depending on the state of the device, we can do it ourselves at home. To enjoy the air conditioning in your home, discover in this article how to do this basic cleaning and tuning.

How to clean an air conditioner

The maintenance of an air conditioning unit is essential to enjoy its services and a well-acclimatized home. Air conditioning equipment in perfect condition will allow you to live with greater comfort both in winter and summer. The technical repair services for aerothermal or air conditioning devices will help you keep it in good condition, clean it correctly and solve any technical problem that may arise at any time, especially when it has not been used for a long time or if it is heavily abused. this but it is not usually cleaned. For example, we recommend professionals such as Air conditioning repair in Madrid, which help you learn the best tips for cleaning the filters, ducts, and outdoor unit of the appliance, in order to keep it in perfect condition, as well as to address any possible questions, emergencies, and necessary repairs.

How to clean air conditioning filters

Always keeping air conditioning filters clean will allow you to improve the performance of your air conditioning. This is one of the bases of caring for air conditioners since it is the first thing that tends to get dirty and obstruct the air outlet.

Not properly cleaning the air conditioning filters can cause the appliance to not exchange heat or cold properly so that its performance would drop considerably or could even be zero, which means higher electrical consumption and overexertion of its operation. , which could directly affect its useful life.

Cleaning the filters is a simple task. You simply have to disassemble the filters and rinse them with warm water, rubbing them gently so that the dirt comes off. Try not to use abrasive products, but mild soaps, such as hand soaps, or specific products for this cleaning, otherwise you could destroy its structure. Once clean, allow them to dry before placing them back in the air conditioner.

How to clean air conditioning ducts

Maintenance of ducted air conditioning is essential for the device to perform its functions correctly. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact a professional to carry out the appropriate maintenance tasks.

In the case of a ducted air conditioner, the filters are located at the back of the unit and are usually connected to the ceiling. To disassemble the filter, you will have to lift a part of the plaster ceiling and disassemble it, in order to clean it properly with mild soap and water. However, you should know that if the filters are not nylon, you will not be able to wash it, but it must be replaced with a new ones.

How to clean the outdoor unit of the Split air conditioner

The external part of the air conditioning, after all, is the one that suffers the most from environmental conditions and, therefore, often gets dirty. Although for the maintenance of the device, we always tend to think of the internal part, the external part is just as important to avoid dirt and obstruction in ducts and filters and improve the operation of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the external components at least once a year.

To clean it, and since it is an electrical appliance, you must first make sure that the device is turned off and even totally disconnected from the electrical network. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush for general cleaning (air inlet flaps), and a slightly damp cloth – without soaking it in abrasive products – to remove the most stubborn dirt and dust, especially on the blades. .

Once the deepest dirt is removed, lubricate the fan with electric motor oil. Before starting it up again, allow at least a day to test that it works correctly.

We recommend that during the winter times and if you are not going to use it for hot air because you have other types of air conditioners, you cover the outdoor unit of the air conditioner with a special cover for these devices. In this way, it will keep better for longer.

How to clean the air conditioner remote

If we talk about the maintenance of an air conditioner, we cannot forget all its parts, including the air conditioning control, since it also gets dirty with time and use.

The easiest formula to leave it as new is as simple as removing the batteries and wiping them with a damp cloth. You can use a cloth slightly dampened with water or you can moisten it with a cleaning product suitable for plastic surfaces, but always use it sparingly, so as not to mistreat the materials of the remote. Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest parts of maintaining your air conditioning.

Why is it important to clean the air conditioner?

Now that you know how to clean your air conditioner, you should know the importance of doing it. Keeping the air conditioning clean and in perfect condition will achieve:

Increase the useful life of your air conditioning, avoiding breakdowns and improving its performance.

Reduce expenses and electricity consumption, so it is less polluted.

Avoid health problems, since the malfunction of an air conditioner exposes people to poor-quality air, which can lead to bronchitis, pharyngitis, or rhinitis, among other respiratory tract disorders.

You will avoid bad odors and annoying noises that can appear when it is not given proper maintenance. In these other articles, we talk to you more about the most common problems that occur in these air conditioners: Why the air conditioning smells bad and Why the air conditioning loses water. Also, if this ever happens to you, do not hesitate to call the air conditioning repair service.

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