These Highway Code Facts May Surprise You

These Highway Code Facts May Surprise You

Car horn

You may find it very annoying to be in the vicinity of someone honking or making a noise. It is against the law to use your horn while stationary on a highway, unless there is a danger. You should have been taught this when you learnt to drive.

Lights and the Law

The law states that sidelights and number plates must be lit between sunset and dawn.


This law does not apply to goods vehicles that are performing multiple-drop deliveries and travel less than 50 feet in between each drop. Campers who are travelling along the English and Welsh coasts should ensure that they have all their seats belted in.

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Alcohol consumption

Do not assume that you can cross the border if your alcohol limit is below the legal limit for England. While the limit for alcohol in England is 80mg per 100ml blood, in Scotland it’s only 50mg.

Smoking in automobiles

Smoking is prohibited in enclosed vehicles with a child passenger. The ‘enclosed vehicle’ rule does not apply to campers used for accommodation. However, if they are moving, it still applies.

How to load a trailer or caravan

The weight should be evenly distributed over the axle. For Trailer Parts, visit a site like

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Stick to the road and cycle paths. You could be fined as much as £500 for riding on the pavement.

Bikes Again

While there is no specific law regarding mobile phones on bikes, it is illegal to ride while ‘under influence’. This is the same as driving.

Dual carriageways and mobility vehicles

A class three mobility scooter is able to legally drive on a dual carriageway with a speed limit of 50mph or lower.

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