Apartment room: Amazing ideas and tips to decorate yours

Apartment room: Amazing ideas and tips to decorate yours

Comfort, beauty, and functionality are the keys to success for an apartment room decoration.

But what in theory seems easy, in practice can prove to be quite challenging.

And that’s when many people end up feeling lost and not knowing what to do.

You too? So come check out the tips, ideas, and inspirations we brought below and get inspired to make your own apartment living room decor.

11 apartment room decor tips

Take the measurements

If you don’t know the exact size of your room, then stop what you’re doing and go get your measurements.

It may seem kind of obvious, but there are a lot of people who skip this step and then don’t understand why the sofa didn’t fit in the space.

Plan and doodle

With the measurements in hand, make a sketch of the apartment’s room. It doesn’t have to be anything professional, just a simple drawing that helps you visualize the room as a whole.

In addition to the measurements, also mark where doors, windows, sockets, and light points are located. Thus, decoration planning becomes even more effective and practical.

Look for references

Now that you know the size of the room and where everything is located, you can start thinking about references.

But, attention: these references should not be used as a “copy and paste”. They only serve as a base to conduct your own decoration.

Even though it is very difficult to faithfully reproduce a decoration since no space is the same and any small difference is enough to change the entire project.

Think of everyday functionality

Another very important thing, but that many people overlook is the functionality of the decoration.

This means honestly reflecting on the use that will be made of the living room.

The decoration project needs to meet the specific needs of each use, otherwise, the apartment room will prove uncomfortable and distant from its reality.

Proportion is key

One of the most important things in apartment living room decor is the proportion, whether big or small.

Furniture and other decorative elements, such as rugs and curtains, need to occupy proportional space to create balance and visual harmony.

A large and long room will require a sofa that follows these measurements, while a small room needs a sofa that does not block circulation, for example.

Essential furniture

We can consider as essential furniture for a living room the sofa, the rack and a side table.

Other furniture, such as armchairs and coffee tables, for example, should only be used if there is enough space for them.

To plan or not to plan

Planned furniture is the best option for those who have a small apartment room.

And even if custom furniture costs a little more than traditional modular furniture, this type of furniture ensures that the spaces in the room will be used in a smart and functional way.

Mirrors to enlarge

Mirrors are a very common trick to expand spaces with elegance and modernity.

And the bigger the mirrors, the better, especially if they’re positioned near a window, helping to reflect natural light.


A decoration with personality is also essential in any apartment room.

To achieve this, try to use among the decorative objects some pieces that bring memories, stories, and memories. This is the case, for example, with a travel souvenir, a photograph, or an old family piece of furniture.

Use plants

Plants are perfect for bringing comfort and reception to indoor environments. That’s why they are perfect for the decorated apartment room.

You can bet on just one vase or create a real urban jungle. Just be careful to choose the species best suited to the luminosity of the place.


Nowadays it is very common for the apartment room to be integrated with the dining room.

In this case, in order not to make mistakes in the decoration, the tip is to visually integrate the environments. This means betting on the same color palette for both spaces, in addition to using similar materials and textures.

Apartment room colors

There is no rule that says what is right or wrong when planning the colors for an apartment room. However, some tips help you get closer to your aesthetic goal. See below:

Light colors magnify

A small apartment room benefits from light, neutral colors such as white, off-white, and beige.

In addition to these classic tones, it is still worth investing in light shades of gray (for those who want something more modern) or soft shades of blue and green, for example, so it is possible to bring color to the environment, but without losing neutrality.

Bright colors warm and entertain

On the other hand, if the intention is to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, the tip is to bet on warm and vivid colors, including earthy tones.

If the room is small, use a palette of neutral tones in the base and warm colors in decorative details.

Dark colors bring elegance and refinement

Elegance and sophistication pass through dark colors. Shades such as black, blue, and dark green, in addition to closed shades of red, such as wine, for example, reveal refined and elegantly modern environments.

Pastel colors are delicate and romantic

For those who prefer a more romantic decoration or even a retro touch, it is worth investing in pastel colors of green, pink, yellow, and blue.

These colors, in addition to being delicate, are calm and relaxing, perfect for environments such as the living room.

Apartment room models

How about getting to know some of the most popular living room decorative styles of the moment?

Modern apartment room

A modern apartment room is almost always characterized by the use of neutral colors. It is common, for example, a palette of tones that goes from white to black, passing through nuances of gray.

The use of clean design furniture and straight lines is another hallmark of the modern apartment room.

Classic apartment room

In a classic apartment room, it is common to find woody furniture and details, and neutral colors, especially beige and off-white tones.

Noble and valued elements, such as marble, for example, are another highlight of classic decorations.

Rustic apartment room

A rustic apartment room involves decoration with unfinished or raw elements that refer to nature in its most natural state.

That is why the presence of demolition wood, exposed bricks, and natural stones is very common.

Earthy colors, plants, and natural textures such as cotton, straw, and wicker are also valued in this type of decoration.

Industrial apartment room

The industrial aesthetic is one of the favorites of the moment. Its main feature within an apartment room is the combination of two main elements: wood and iron.

It is also common to use burnt cement, exposed concrete, exposed bricks, and a palette of neutral tones, especially white, gray and black.

Scandinavian apartment room

Scandinavian decor is another darling of the moment. The main feature of an apartment room decorated in this style is the use of light and neutral colors such as white, gray, and shades of pastel blue and pink.

Natural lighting is highly valued, as are soft textures, such as plush and crochet. The use of light wood is another highlight.

Boho apartment room

The aesthetic of a boho apartment room brings neutral and soft colors, such as white and earth tones, natural fibers, and wood, especially those with a lighter shade.

Another striking symbol of boho decor is handcrafted work, with emphasis on macrame pieces.

Retro apartment room

Those who want a more effective, nostalgic, and personality decoration can invest in a retro apartment room decoration.

Furniture dating from other times, original or not, is always the biggest highlight. In addition to them, the use of colors such as red, yellow, and green takes priority.

Retro decor doesn’t have to be a trip to the past in every detail, this aesthetic can only be present in a few decorative elements.

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