Six kitchen trends we will see this year

Six kitchen trends we will see this year

Guildford is a beautiful town in Surrey, set along the bank of the River Wey and known for its excellent amenities and rich history. Properties in this area tend to be very stylishly decorated and are aesthetically pleasing, both inside and out.
Anybody planning a kitchen refurbishment in Guildford this year may want to consider incorporating one or more of the six leading kitchen trends of 2024.

Bespoke designs

With people spending more time at home, they are seeing the merit in designing their space to complement their lives. Handcrafted and bespoke designs are quickly gaining favour and companies specialising in kitchen refurbishment Guildford are well placed to suggest unique designs.

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Intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting not only increases the bespoke nature of kitchen design but also increases energy efficiency and creates a stunning ambience.

Tactile materials

Studies routinely show that a restorative environment can benefit mental health. Therefore, selecting tactile materials such as natural woods and patinated metals can increase feelings of satisfaction.

Internet of Things

Smart appliances are becoming more accessible. These user-friendly internet-connected devices are convenient and allow homeowners to control various kitchen functions remotely, making them very popular.


Kitchens are again becoming the heart of the home, welcoming in family members of all ages. Breakfast benches and islands with seating are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Bold colours

People are beginning to embrace bold colour schemes that project their personality and help to make their house a home. Pinks, blues and greens are increasingly popular and homeowners should not shy away from any colours that make them happy.

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In short, kitchen renovations in 2024 will see homeowners imprinting their personal style upon their space and creating environments that truly meet their needs. These exciting trends look set to stay for the foreseeable future.

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