How to clean a wooden floor effectively.

Once you have Engineered Wood Flooring put in place in your home, like that offered by you will want to take good care of it. Regularly cleaning your floor can help prevent staining and damage from occurring, but it is important that you clean a wood floor in the right way.

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Water is the enemy of a wooden floor, and it is crucial that you clean up any spills quickly and that you do not use a soaking wet mop to clean the floor. If you have areas of dirt that won’t come up easily, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean these areas as long as you ensure you dry the floor thoroughly with a clean cloth afterwards.

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You can use a hoover on a wooden floor, but you should first sweep up any dirt with a brush so that the hoover base does not drag the dirt particles across the surface of the floor. This can otherwise lead to damage and scratches appearing. The best way of cleaning a wood floor is with regular (if not daily) sweeping and by using a lightly dampened cloth attached to a flat head mop that you can gently pass over the floor after brushing.

To help prevent your floor from becoming damaged, you should make sure that you use floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture and that you clean up spills that happen as quickly as possible.

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