Four Things you Can Do to Reduce the Risk of an Electrical Fire

One of the biggest causes of a house fire in the UK is electricity. Although it is a modern day essential, it can also be a risk. In order to reduce the danger that electricity can be in the home, there are a few things that you can do…

Take Care with Heated Appliances – When using heated appliances like hair straighteners, be aware that they can get extremely hot. Always use a heat mat and switch them off as soon as you have finished with them.

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Always go to a Professional for Electrical Work – When you are needing electrical work to be done in the house or you suspect a problem with the electrics, you should always go to a professional like this Cheltenham electrician who knows what they are doing, rather than being tempted to try and do it yourself.

Check that your Electricals are in Good Condition – Keeping your electronic goods in good condition and making sure that they are clean is important for their safety. Things like dust build up can cause a fire, as can damage to the item, like exposed wiring.

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Look for the British or European mark of safety – When you are buying electrical goods, it is important to look out for this, as it means that they have been checked and tested for faults to a high standard. Don’t be tempted to buy counterfeit electrical goods for a lower price.

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