How to Choose Sofa According to the Size of your Room

How to Choose Sofa According to the Size of your Room

Through this interesting article, I’ll show you how to choose sofa according to the size of your living room. So, pay close attention and keep reading.

How to choose sofa?

how to choose sofa


You have to start by making a small drawing of the room, it is not necessary to be detail, make it general indicating where there are doors, windows and some type of large furniture around the place where you want to place the sofa.

Then you have to take the measurements of the room and shove them in the drawing or plan as appropriate; Do not forget that if you have a piece of furniture you should also take measurements of the space available between it and the place where you want to place the sofa.

Now you have to measure again to confirm that the measurements taken coincide and there is no error. You must also take into account the space you want to be available between the sofa and the wall.

You have to consider the surface that the sofa can occupy, in such a way that it does not block the passage. It is essential that the sofa does not prevent the closing or opening of a door. To know if a sofa really has room in space, you have to consider its width, depth and height.


how to choose sofa

This is another very important point; If you live in an apartment, you have to take into account if there is a way to climb the sofa up the stairs or through the elevator.

Then, measure the width of the door through which you have to enter or you may have a large window through which it is also possible to put it in the house.

You must also take into account another type of obstacle to avoid damaging anything, such as decorative objects, ceiling lights, fans and the like.


how to choose sofa

Before buying, you have to make sure you are buying a sofa that is of quality. To check the quality of the sofa you have to lift it from one end to check how much it weighs; the more weight, the higher quality. This is because it is deduced that more material or wood has been used for its manufacture.

If the sofa you want has a system of springs, I advise you to sit on it or press with your hands to feel the springs; If you do not feel them, it’s better to look for another sofa.

To buy a leather sofa, you have to feel that the upholstery or material is soft to the touch. If you have small children at home this will be easier to clean compared to a cloth one.

Extra tips

how to choose sofa

Tips to choose the best sofa. Investing in a sofa of very good quality, is a great investment, since such a one, will be able to last us for many years. Before choosing one, we should not only consider comfort but a few other things.

In order for your sofa to combine with the decoration, last longer and give style to your home, you must take your time to find the right one. Before buying a new sofa, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How much space do you have? For that, you must measure the width and length of your room. Afterward, you take the stockings of the space where you are going to place the sofa. It is also very important that you leave space to walk around the furniture, for the auxiliary tables and for the legs. Do not make the mistake of covering the windows with large objects or furniture and always leave space so that you can open the door. So, take measurements of your entire room and space where you will place the sofa.

How big is your room? The sofa should go according to the size of the room. A large sofa can make the room look small and a very small sofa makes the room look empty, therefore it is recommended to use sofas that are ideal for the size of the room. If your room is large, I recommend that you place a beautiful sofa that has the shape of L, because it will give you plenty of space so you can sit comfortably. Otherwise, if your room is small, choose to place a nice two-seater sofa or some beautiful accent chairs.

Sofa for living room

how to choose sofa

What will be the function of the sofa? The right sofa must fulfill the function that you seek to have in your room. For example; If you want to sit many guests, choose a sofa that does not contain a marked distinction for each person. If you want to sleep or relax in your living room, choose to place a sofa bed or a lounge-type sofa. To store blankets or other objects that you do not want to display in your living room, I recommend that you place a sofa that has storage space.

How much use will the sofa take? If in casatienes animals or small children, then do not hesitate to buy and place in your living room a sofa that is of quality. For that, I advise you to opt for a thick cloth sofa that can be easily cleaned. You can choose a leather sofa or also a microfiber sofa. A leather sofa is of high quality, but requires more care and the microfiber sofa are more comfortable, but they stain quickly.

how to choose sofa

What style do you want? Currently, there are many styles of sofas, from the most modern to the most traditional. If you want the sofa to be the center of attention in your room, then opt for one that has modern and luxurious design, especially that is very different from the rest of your entire room.

What colors are you using in your decoration? The color of the sofa should harmonize with all the decoration of the room. A colorful sofa, fits perfectly in a room that has neutral decor. If your room is decorated with vibrant colors, opt for a sofa that is neutral in color. If you have little animals or small children, place sofas in their living room that are dark or patterned, because they are perfect to hide the spots.

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