How to Build Cube Furniture in the Form of a piece of Cube

How to Build Cube Furniture in the Form of a piece of Cube

Furniture that is cube-shaped really is a modular storage solution that can be used in any room of the home. They are functional and decorative furniture. Cube furniture is a very versatile way of keeping clutter in place. The most appropriate spaces for cube furniture are office, craft room, games room, entrance room and children’s room.

Materials you need to build cube-shaped furniture: Unfinished wooden cubes, filler wood, paper sandpaper, and paint.

Instructions for cube furniture

Cube furniture

1. First, you have to go to an art and craft shop or just go to a furniture store and try to buy unfinished wooden cubes. The typical sizes of the cubes are: single, double, triple and quadruple. Buy enough cubes to build your piece of furniture.

2. To repair nail holes or wood spaces, I advise you to use filler wood. Use a low-grade sandpaper to gradually sand the cubes and try to create a rough surface so that the paint dries better. Then thoroughly clean the sanding residue.

3. Then apply two coats of paint and let each layer dry properly. Once the last layer dries well, proceed to gradually sand the edges to achieve an elegant, rustic finish or simply leave it as it is to be elegant and modern.

Cube furniture

4. Buy and cut a piece of 76 x 121 centimeters plywood. If you can not cut it, take it to a hardware store. Attach a laminated edge around the perimeter of the plywood, thereby covering the exposed cutting areas. Laminated edges can be obtained at hardware stores and come with instructions to place it perfectly.

5. To create a nice table, place upwards 4 units of double cubes and put the plywood on top. Put the open face of the cube out to use as storage. Use a drill and screws to properly fix the surface of the table to the cubes. Drill from inside the cube at the bottom of the laminated board.

6. To the workstation add a pair of chair or stools. Then proceed to fill the buckets with glass jars and colorful baskets to accumulate clutter and keep craft supplies in place.

7. For the finished product to be a 2 x 4 configuration, you have to put 2 units of quadruple cubes, one on top of the other. Fix with screws from the inside.

Cube furniture

8. Then place the cube organizer against the wall, so that it has 4 cubes and 2 cubes high.

9. The inner cubes can be used to store boots and shoes. To keep the clutter in the entrance room, place wicker baskets in the upper buckets. Above, place a couple of pillows and use it as a seat to put on your shoes.

10. Measure the room and get the appropriate amount of cubes to build a complete storage wall.

11. Set up the cubes and fix them together with screws from inside. Place the complete unit on the wall and use the uprights for stability.

12. In the cubes, you can store office supplies, books, portraits, decorative objects, and toys.

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