Balcony perennial plants: the 7 easiest to cure

Balcony perennial plants: the 7 easiest to cure

Do you want a lush balcony without too much effort? Try with Balcony perennial plants! In botany, plants that live longer years are considered perennials: even plants that renew their stems. But also that, at the same time – maintain the same roots, such as cyclamens.

To grow them, you need to put them in a corner of the balcony where they can grow undisturbed over time and, every year, you will then have to proceed to their pruning to prevent them from growing too much. The most important thing is therefore to choose the types of perennials best suited to your balcony, for size and size, as well as for exposure and especially for the time you have to devote to their care.

Balcony perennial plants tips

Here is a list of 7 perennial plants that, for sure, will look great on your balcony: the choice is yours!

Balcony perennial plants


The geraniums are one of the most known and appreciated perennial plants, for their beautiful flowering (of many different colors and scents) and for their green appearance that they maintain even in winter. Of the geraniums, in fact, in the cold season, they resist well the bushes with the leaves, very easy to cure.


Also known as the Christmas White Rose, hellebore is a winter plant very resistant to cold and frost. To resist the heat, however, it needs to be placed in a shady and cold place.

Balcony perennial plants


From September onwards, the cyclamen is one of the few winter flowers that resists low temperatures. The care that it requires is not many and even those who do not have a green thumb can find themselves with a flowered balcony (almost) all year without too much effort.


In this case, it is not a winter plant, but a typical one of spring. Colorful and fun, the primroses are easy to take care of: with little and simple attention, in fact, you will be able to keep them alive for a very long time.

Balcony perennial plants


A plant of large size and lots of colors, from lilac to white to green and blue, the hydrangea blooms in summer and needs to be placed in a place between the shaded and the bright, but never in the intense light and direct sunlight. The hydrangea must be watered regularly, but without exaggeration.

Balcony perennial plants


To see it immediately brings to mind the French fields of Provence: lavender, beautiful and fragrant flower, has a thousand uses that perhaps not everyone knows. Drive away the mosquitoes, can be used to perfume the wardrobe and, as an aromatic herb, it is excellent for a good herbal tea. Cultivating it is not difficult, to do so.


Resistant and cheerful, this flower represents spring. The daisies are perennial flowers that continue to live even in winter and do not lose their beautiful flowers. The necessary care to make them survive? They are very few and easy to implement.

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