Two ways to decorate the living room with yellow

Two ways to decorate the living room with yellow

Decorate the living room with yellow is a good way to bring joy and brightness to the rooms. Today we give you two ideas to do it and succeed.

The choice of colors to decorate our home is an important and difficult decision. There is a wide range of colors and choosing a striking one is complicated because you have to know how to integrate it into the room. Decorating with yellow can be difficult; however, it is not so.

The yellow color is one of the primary colors, along with cyan and magenta. This means that if they are mixed together we get the rest of the colors.

In interior decoration, yellow is considered a risky color that, depending on the tonality, can bring luminosity, elegance or joy to the room.

In today’s article, we tell you two ways to decorate the living room with yellow.

What does yellow transmit us?decorate the living room

Decorating with yellow is perfect if we have a room or stay very flat and without splashes of color. The yellow adds dynamism, joy, and brightness to the spaces.

On the other hand, it is considered a color that suggests wisdom, knowledge or intelligence, although the meaning of this color varies depending on the culture. For example, in China yellow is considered the color of the nobility, while in Spain, at the time of the Inquisition, the condemned were forced to wear this color.

Nuances aside, a room with yellow touches or with yellow as the main color is a room that offers luminosity, dynamism, and joy. In addition, yellow, even if it is a strong color, can be perfectly combined with others. For example, with black, gray or some light shades. Keep reading- 7 tips to decorate your home in the English style

Subtle yellowdecorate the living room

One of the ways to decorate with yellow the room that we propose is through specific decorative elements. In this way, yellow becomes a touch of color and not the main tone of the decoration.

If your living room is decorated with dark or neutral tones. And you want to add a touch of color, yellow can become the best option. Today there is a wide range of decorative elements in this color that will brighten your stay.

Decorating with yellow through key elements are perfect to attract attention to certain elements. For example, a piece that we like a lot or some object on which we want our guests to focus their sight. This option is also great if you are a person of more neutral colors than flashy because the strong color is introduced with subtlety.

The decorative elements that will be your best allies to decorate the living room with yellow are:




Picture frames



Other yellow furniture

Decorate with yellow as the main colordecorate the living room

The second option to decorate the living room with yellow is to use it in the main elements of this room. This alternative is great if you are a happy person who likes dynamism and brightness.

Decorating the living room with yellow, this being the main color, is achieved by introducing most of the elements of this color.

An easy way to do it is through textiles or by integrating the yellow color on the walls. For this last proposal, you can opt for painting or also for doing it through a wallpaper. The advantage of wallpaper is that there are some with patterns and some geometric shape. Or floral designs that are perfect for decorating the living room with yellow.

The key is to know how to combinedecorate the living room

Whether you decide to decorate the room with yellow in a subtle way or if you risk more, it is important to keep in mind that the main key to success with this color is to know how to combine it. Yellow is considered a risky color and if combined with colors that do not go well can become a real disaster.

The colors that will be best accompanied by yellow are:

White: it is the perfect companion because it lets the yellow shine.

Gray: just like white, let the protagonist be yellow. Yes, it brings more warmth.

Black: a modern and daring combination.

Strong colors: yellow with strong colors such as dark blue, almost black, is great for boho-like decorations.

Finally, remember that in any decoration process we must keep in mind the balance so that no room is overloaded or too strident.


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