Futons or sofa beds are presented as the perfect alternative when you need a piece of furniture that gives you space to sit and also sleep. They are ideal for small spaces, a guest bedroom, or a room that fulfills several functions. But, which one to choose for each case, futon or sofa bed?

Here we show you what you should consider when choosing one.


Although both are armchairs that transform into beds, they have some differences:

The futon is a piece of furniture that is not very soft, low in height, light, and, in most cases, does not include armrests. Its design is modern and minimalist, and you usually find them in vibrant colors.

For its part, the sofa bed has a structure similar to that of an armchair, with a high back and denser cushions. Its design is more classic and you can find them with 2 or 3 bodies.

Blue futon with velvety upholstery, located in the living room with light tones and light wood center and side table with long legs.  Set with plants and paintings


The first thing you should consider is the use you will give your futon or sofa bed: as an armchair to watch movies, as an extra bed in the guest room or, if your house is small, it may be the sofa in your living room.

If you are going to use it periodically, then it will be worth opting for a higher-quality sofa bed, with high-density cushions, a rigid structure, and a comfortable and firm mattress.

On the other hand, if you will be opening it a few times or it will be in a little-used bedroom, a less sophisticated and smaller futon will be perfect.

green futon chaise longue in a living room decorated with gray tones.  It has cushions and a blanket and some orange decorative details.


Where you will use it is also important to define the style and design of your futon or sofa bed. And although this will depend on your tastes , a sofa bed, which looks much more like a conventional armchair or sofa, will look amazing in your living room or living room. It will go unnoticed together with other furniture and accessories such as cushions or blankets.

The futon, on the other hand, will be perfect for the children’s room, since its design is informal and colorful.

Turquoise futon with blue chair in the gray and white living room with a geometric rug and side tables and mantel


Another issue that you must take into account is the system with which it opens, especially if you are going to use it frequently.

If this is your case, we recommend that you opt for a futon or sofa bed that unfolds easily , with a light system with which you can open and collect it without problems.

There are even models that allow the bed to be made, with sheets and blankets . Great, isn’t it?

To give you an idea, these are the systems that exist :

  • Book-Like Opening : As its name implies, this sofa bed or futon opens like a book. To do this, you must separate it from the wall and lower the backrest. It will immediately be transformed into a bed.
  • Sliding: In this case, a structure comes out from under the sofa and is at the height of the seats thanks to a lifting system. It is more difficult to open than the previous option, but the result is much more similar to a conventional bed.
  • Unfold: The unfold options roll the mattress under the sofa seats. As you open it, it will start to open forming the bed. In general, it is a fairly simple system to use and allows you to incorporate better quality mattresses.


The size of your futon or sofa bed will depend on the square meters you have. To be sure, it is important that you not only measure the room but also the piece of furniture, open and closed.

For small spaces, we recommend options with one or two bodies, while in larger environments, a three-body sofa bed will be perfect.

A guy? Ideally, you should leave 60 centimeters free to move comfortably on both sides. Also, avoid putting furniture such as nightstands or tables too close together since you will have to move them every time you want to open the futon or sofa bed.


The fabric of the cushions is very important since it will not only be used as a seat but also as a bed. Therefore, it is best to choose a resistant and comfortable fabric. Canvas is an excellent alternative as it withstands wear and tear, the passage of time, and does not wrinkle. Perfect for a piece of furniture like this!

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