What are varicose veins, and can you prevent them?

As we move into a world where desk and office work are the most dominant form and function that we do, there is still one constant thing, and you can get some kind of illness or condition from working for extended periods. It may not be as acute as some of the things that our ancestors may have picked up from working, like a miner’s lung or phossy jaw, but it is no less unpleasant. Without a decent chair, like that from Office Chairs Gloucester based company https://bizstationery.co.uk/furniture/office-chairs you can get a condition that is painful to cure and dangerous if left untreated.

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Varicose veins start to appear on the lower legs and feet. They can easily be spotted by the appearance of thick dark purple spiderly veins. They also appear as lumps. These can be large and unsightly. If left, they can become painful and will make it difficult to sleep. The skin in and around the affected vein will become itchy, dry and flaky. They become worse in warm weather and if you’ve needed to have been standing around for long periods. Resting your legs and having a good chair to sit down in can be of the best benefit.

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They are caused when the blood gets “stuck” in the vein and collects in them. This makes the veins swell and become enlarged. Treatment can be from surgical stockings giving compression or their surgical removal.

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