Storage Ideas for Different Rooms of Your Home

One of the things that many of us are after in our modern homes is more storage. Having the space to keep stuff out of sight, as well as tidy and orderly is something that people often look for when buying a home, but many newer homes do not come with much in the way of storage.

If you live in a newer home and are hankering for more storage space, here are some of the areas of the home that you might need it in and how you can gain extra storage in those spaces…

Bedroom – The stuff that you need to store in the bedroom includes clothes, as well as bulkier items like blankets and spare duvets. This can mean that you need quite a lot of storage space, so where do you keep it all without it looking messy? A good way to get some space for storage in the room is to have it designed especially for your bedroom. Contact someone who specialises in this, such as this fitted wardrobes Hampshire based company, Lamco Design.

You can also make use of the bed area and get a bed which has built-in storage both underneath, and as shelves in the headboard.

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Kitchen – The kitchen is a room where a lot goes on, so your storage not only needs to be plentiful, but it also needs to be neat and tidy, so that you can easily access the things that you need. Cupboards should be well laid out, but if you want to increase the storage space that you have in the kitchen, add some shelves so that you can see the things that you want and get to them straight away.

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Living Room – Depending on your lifestyle, your living room storage will probably need to perform many different functions. It might be that you need somewhere to keep kids’ toys and games, or you might need a space to keep all of those films without them looking untidy. For the living room, ottomans are a great choice, they not only store a lot of stuff, but they also make good additional seating when you have guests coming over.

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