Making Sure that your Central Heating is Ready to Take on the Winter

Something that we are not really in need of at the moment with the summer proving to be really warm, and even breaking the record temperature for hottest ever UK day, is our central heating. In fact, most of us are more likely trying to keep cool by any means at the moment, as the high temperatures continue to cause sleeplessness due to hot sticky nights across the UK.

However, as autumn creeps ever closer, making sure that the central heating that has been redundant in our homes for so long, is ready to go and keep us warm once again as winter comes around. Modern central heating systems are well designed, and use many clever inventions and processes like electroless nickel plating to keep everything in good working order, and to improve the lifespan and durability of the parts inside it.

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But like any machine, things can go wrong, and boilers and central heating systems need to be maintained in order to ensure that they last for longer. Before winter arrives is a good time to get a professional heating engineer to come and have a good look at your boiler. This is because it means that it is ready to use as soon as the temperatures drop, but also if you have it off for the whole summer, this in itself could potentially cause problems where it has not been used in a while.

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Sometimes you can get an idea that there are issues with your central heating – things like noises that come from inside your boiler can be a common tell-tale sign that there is a problem going on in there. Noises that could indicate that there is a problem with your heating, include kettle-like noises (known as kettling) as well as banging or hissing. These are all things that you need to call a heating engineer about as soon as possible.

Your radiators are an essential part of your heating system, and you should also check that they are working as they should be. They should be fully heating up when the heating is on, and the temperature valve on the side of them can be adjusted to control the heat. If any of these things are not right, then this is another indicator of a central heating problem.

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