How to organize a storage room

How to organize a storage room

The storage room is one of the areas of the house that tends to be messier, it is sometimes difficult to put orders in the storage room since it is used not only as a place to store things that are no longer used but as a mixed bag. We also use it to “hide” those elements that are less pleasant in view of our guests. Here are some tips for having a well-organized storage room.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Put shelves in the storage room, this will help you optimize the space and not leave things on the floor.

Step: 2

Use hangers to hang things from the walls or ceiling, for example, the bicycle can be hung and that leaves you more space to move comfortably around the storage room of your house.

Step: 3

Put the things that you use less at the back of the storage room or in the highest areas. In the area closest to you put things that you use often. For example summer or winter clothes.

Step: 4

Once a year, clean your storage room, throw away or sell things on second-hand websites, in addition to getting a little money, it will help you keep the storage room tidy.

Step: 5

Do not put everything in opaque boxes, use transparent boxes to see what is inside more easily and thus have much more agile access to everything.

Step: 6

Label the boxes with descriptive names of what is inside, sometimes a messy storage room is worse than a very full storage room.

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