Projects of houses with a garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Projects of houses with a garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Garage under- Every owner of a country house knows how important it is to have not only a car but also a specially arranged territory for him, where it is possible to create comfortable conditions for the storage and maintenance of the car. Today there are several options for placing a garage on the site. The article will consider projects of houses with a garage under one roof: the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution, as well as the features of planning and construction.

Projects of single-story houses with a garage under one roof: advantages and disadvantagesgarage under

Many argue that the garage should be located separately from the building to avoid the inconvenience associated with its use. However, it often happens that the area of the plot does not allow you to allocate a separate space for this, and you have to resort to combining these two buildings, combining them under one roof. And it is worth noting that this solution has its advantages:

The financial cost of construction is undoubtedly reduced if you give preference to this option. The erection of two separate buildings is always more expensive than one complex construction;

To operate the garage combined with the house, it is much more convenient, after all in cold time you can get in the car, without leaving on street. In addition, such a combination allows you to store in the garage a lot of necessary things in the household, for which it would be inconvenient to go to the garage if it was located separately from the house;

Thanks to such an association, the area is significantly saved. Such rational solutions allow you to place everything you need even in the most modest area.

The disadvantages of this solution include the need for high-quality heat and sound insulation between these two rooms, because otherwise, the cold from the garage will penetrate into the adjacent rooms, and the sound of a working car engine will interfere with the household.

Projects of houses with a garage under one roof: accommodation options

In the process of selecting or developing a project, it is important to think in advance how these objects will be located relative to each other. And in this case, the main question arises just about the garage, since the location of the house is almost always obvious.

The garage can be located on one of three principles:

The underground garage is set up directly under the building itself, roughly speaking, in the basement or on the ground floor. This solution allows you to save considerable space, as well as reduce the number of necessary work with soil. In addition, it is ideal if there is a need to build a garage attached to the house on a site that is located under a slope;

The above-ground lower garage is located at the base of the house so that all living quarters are as if over it. This method is also effective in preserving the space of the territory, however, in this case, the height of the house is increased;

  • aside ground garage is located on the right or left side of the house. Its main convenience is the opportunity to finish it to the finished house because, in the case of the first two options, both rooms should be designed and built simultaneously.
  • Single-story houses with garage: photo-projects

Single-story houses are much more common than buildings with two or three floors. This is due to many factors, including the simplicity of arranging the foundation for it, and the ease of implementation of the project. After all, a single-story building does not require the presence of overlappings, as well as stairs. In the question of combining the garage, one-story houses are the most convenient, since they exclude the need to create roof-level differences.

Facelift at home

It is extremely important to pay due attention to the layout of a single-story house with a garage and place all rooms in such a way as to avoid unwanted neighborhood. For example, this applies to the nursery and the garage, which should not be contiguous. Ideally, there should be a technical room, a kitchen or a bathroom between the living rooms and the storage room.

Helpful advice! It is not necessary that the garage and the house are located close to each other. Leaving between them a small passage, which can become, for example, a pantry, you will create something like an air cushion that will provide additional heat and sound insulation.

If we talk about the specifics of the arrangement of the roof for such a design, then for this purpose, most often resort to the construction of a gable roof, since this is the simplest and available in the financial plan option. However, some owners who do not want to use standard solutions for their home find more interesting options.

Thus, a single-deck roof can be designed over the house and a flat roof above the garage. This broken construction looks great, but only the drainage system, in this case, requires special attention.

The plan of a two-story house with a garage

The owners of the site can resort to the construction of a two-story house for various reasons. Someone is guided by the number of people living in the house, and someone just wants to build a big and luxurious house. But when it comes to projects of 2-story houses with a garage, most often it is dictated by a lack of free space on the site. Therefore, this option to have comfortable accommodation with all the amenities even on a very modest territory, for many becomes the only solution to the problem.

Plans for a two-story house with a garage there is a huge amount. Among them, there are both fairly simple designs and complex multi-level projects. However, the most common option is considered to be: the garage is located in the basement, on the ground floor – a living room, kitchen, bathroom, as well as utility rooms (pantry, furnace), on the second – living rooms. To connect all levels among themselves using stairs.

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