8 Essential Accessories In Your Vintage Decoration

The accessories are essential in any decorative style. Sometimes, it is enough to place an object to give it that characteristic air characteristic of an industrial, Nordic, rustic or vintage decoration. Of any type. Today I want to focus those essential elements to design a wonderful vintage decoration.

These are objects that will make your home have a retro touch in a special corner or in a complete room, transformed that space with very little investment and effort. Do you want to know which ones cannot be missing in your vintage decoration? I’ll tell you everything next.

Vintage Decoration

1. Pictures, posters and sheets

To print a vintage touch to your living room, kitchen or bedroom, you can place posters, pictures or pictures. The wood will be sure, you can also get a metal with an old illustration, one with an inspiring phrase or even a map. A simple way to give a new life to your walls and your decoration.

Vintage Decoration

2. Wooden trays

Wood is one of the most used materials in vintage decoration. One way to introduce it through the accessories is using decorative trays and practices at the same time, since in addition to helping you to dress any corner they serve you to leave in them objects that you want to have at hand or other simply decorative as a vase with flowers, for example.

Vintage Decoration

3. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are also decorative and functional. They are suitable for any stay, from to keep small objects in the bathroom to keep the bedroom tidy or to decorate and organize the entrance of your home.

Vintage Decoration

4. Watches

Vintage watches are wonderful. The train station type to hang on the wall will give a very cool touch to your stay, you can also place a large one on the sofa or small antique alarm clock.

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Vintage Decoration

5. Trunks

The trunks allow a lot of decorative and storage options. You can put them in the bedroom, to store blankets and sheets in them, for example, or in the living room, even as a coffee table. What do you think about the idea?

Vintage Decoration

6. Vintage dinnerware

Do not forget the kitchen. In addition to a sheet or poster that we have discussed before, you can place vintage crockery, with glasses, jugs and cutlery with an old style that will bring an incredible touch to the room. If you leave it in sight, much better.

Vintage Decoration

7. Plants and flowers

Flowers and plants cannot miss in your home. To give it a vintage touch, you can place it in metal containers, ceramic, glass jars or demijohns. They will look wonderful in any corner where you want to place them. You can put some bouquets of lavender, for example, some margaritas or even some cactus or succulents. The plants are joy and will give a lot of life to your decoration.

Vintage Decoration

8. Metal cans

Metal cans are not relegated exclusively to the kitchen. And it is that they can serve you to put in them your most beautiful plants or even some aromatic candle that surrounds the living room, the entrance or your bedroom.

Bonus track: More decorative objects with vintage style

Now I propose a brainstorm of vintage objects that can look great in your home. For example: an old radio, a metal bicycle, some wooden letters, an old telephone, a typewriter, a camera, some suitcases, strategically placed old books, a magazine rack, a mirror with a very large frame, a coat rack for the entrance … You cannot imagine the alternatives that there are so let your imagination fly, review our proposals, look for new ones and decorate your house with your most personal touch!

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