15 Decorative Ideas That You Can Put Into Practice

15 Decorative Ideas That You Can Put Into Practice

When it comes to decorating a home, getting the desired result is more complicated than it seems. Interior designers expressing their decorative ideas more because the world of decoration has crumbs, although anyone with a little interest and good taste can achieve what is posed if it is able to avoid decorative disasters.

If you want to be proud or proud of the decoration of your home, take note of what I will tell you next, as in this article I have collected 15 decorative ideas that are appreciated and you can try for your home decoration. In fact, it is very likely that some of them are already present in your home …

Decorative Ideas

1- Simple decoration

I’m not going to say that you should decorate your house in the purest minimalist style because it probably will not go with you, but I do have to say that you do not have to recharge the rooms, especially when the available square meters are scarce.

2- Quality furniture

The cheap thing is expensive, and that is what those who have bought very cheap furniture know that it was the best option, when in fact one of the best decorative ideas and ideal thing is to get furniture that will accompany you for many years.

3- Light colors

The choice of color is one of the most important when decorating. Flee from garish tones that you can easily get tired of and watch out for dark ones, as they have the ability to reduce the sense of spaciousness of any space. The ideal is to bet on white, although neutral tones such as gray are also highly recommended.

4- Efficient distribution

The distribution is usually the pending issue of some households that do not pay attention to the position of the furniture. There are always several ways to place them, and based on this we can gain space and feel more comfortable, so it is not a question to be ignored.

5- Order

It does not help that the decoration of your house is precious if there is no order. Think of storage solutions such as baskets, boxes or shelves, which are undoubtedly perfect to prevent chaos from taking over your home.

Decorative Ideas

6- Color combination

When it comes to combining colors you have to be very attentive to trends. For example, green and pink can be worn better than you think, the same can be said for gray and yellow. Try to find inspiration on the Internet, either in digital magazines or on social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest, where users share decorative ideas by uploading photographs to their profiles.

7- Take advantage of the space in height

If you have a small apartment, what you cannot do is waste the available square meters. That means that you should not only decorate the length and breadth, but also think about the height, the space that can occupy furniture as the shelves used.

8- Decoration with photos

There’s nothing like personalizing a room or a living room with pictures of your loved ones. You can remember a person who is no longer there, a vacation you enjoyed a lot, your wedding …

9- Lighting

You will not feel comfortable if the light is dim. Whether natural or artificial, the light must be powerful enough to light up each and every corner of your home. Do everything possible to enhance the luminosity, since you will be grateful from the first day.

10- Mirrors

The mirrors, which by the way are very fashionable lately, not only serve to dress the walls, but also help us multiply natural light thanks to its ability to reflect it on shiny surfaces.

Decorative Ideas

11- Terrace

Conditioning the terrace is mandatory in summer, but also during the coldest months of the year. You have to take advantage of the available space by creating corners to relax, eat and enjoy a chat with friends. What cannot be is that it becomes a kind of storage room.

12- Children’s rooms

When you decorate a children’s room, however little space is available, make sure there are three distinct areas: leisure, rest and work. Multifunctional furniture can help you with this mission that sometimes seems impossible.

13- Dispatch

The office should encourage concentration and creativity. That is why colors such as blue or white are usually the most common, since they are relaxing and with them we avoid distractions. In the decoration of an office, in addition, we must prioritize comfort and functionality ahead of the aesthetic, which obviously cannot be ignored either.

14- Separation of spaces

Separating spaces is not easy. We must be aware that placing barriers is not always a good thing, which is why there are those who decide to tear down a partition because of the advantages that this brings. However, sometimes we want to establish a division as simple as that of the dining room and living room explicitly, and in that case one can use discrete spacers such as a large carpet or a shelving-type module a few centimeters high.

15- Volumes

This is one of the decorative ideas that occur less frequently. We combine decorative elements of different volumes without stopping to think if that vase is too big for that small table or that mirror is too small for that big wall. You have to take into account the size of the surfaces when playing with the volumes, doing everything possible to make the decoration shine by being harmonious and proportionate.

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