Outdoor Decoration Trends 2018

Outdoor Decoration Trends 2018

We know that you want to live abroad. Enjoy the views, breathe fresh air and give life to your home, enhancing the green lung of your home. To help you, we want to invite you to discover the trends of outdoor decoration 2018.

Vibrant colors, urban gardens, solar lights and eclectic gardens, among other trends, are our bets for outdoor decoration 2018. We present the novelties that will triumph this season. Do we go abroad?

Outdoor Decoration

Make room for color

If you do not want good weather to catch you in the act, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what to do with our outdoor decoration this season. Color is the great bet to transform this space and fill it with life.

Our advice? Choose a basic furniture in neutral tones and use color to add topicality and surprise to the green lung of your home. You can enter the color through accessories, such as cushions and plants, or perhaps a designer chair. You can even encourage yourself to mix chairs of different styles, models and colors.

Outdoor Decoration

We take you to the garden (urban)

Whether you have a large exterior or you have a space of a few meters, a trend for outdoor decoration that should not be missed this year is the urban garden. The obsession with healthy eating makes the leap from organic supermarkets and vegetarian and vegan restaurants to the house. And so the need arises to create an urban garden.

Not all of us can boast of a cottage in which to grow our own vegetables. However, even if you live in the center of any city, surrounded by skyscrapers, you can set up a small urban garden.

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We have different possibilities to create a garden on the terrace of the house. You can opt for a cultivation table if you have enough space, a ladder-type shelf on the wall or a ground orchard.

In specialized stores you will find numerous brands that offer complete farming kits with everything you need to start, whether you have prior knowledge or not. You can also choose the type of food you want to grow, taking into account the degree of difficulty, the current season and the climatic conditions of your region.

Are you new to urban gardens? Peas, broccoli, spinach and aromatic herbs are easy to grow. You can start little by little with this type of food to get experience.

Outdoor Decoration

Solar lights

We continue with sustainable trends, but this time we look at lighting. This year, solar lamps will be very fashionable. And is not for less. This type of lights suppose an important saving and, in addition, they are very practical since they do not have cables nor plugs.

So you can recharge during the day with sunlight and then use them at night with total independence of movements, or need to be limited by an outlet. To this we must add the energy savings that involves using this type of external lighting systems. Remember that, in addition to lights, in specialized stores you will also find furniture with sunlight, such as stools and side tables.

Outdoor Decoration

Eclectic decoration

If we talk about outdoor decoration styles, we opt for eclectic spaces. It takes the mixture of materials, such as tropical hardwood with special treatment for moisture, furniture in wrought iron and rattan pieces (whether natural or synthetic fibers).

As for the accessories, the decorative mix triumphs, such as cushions with ethnic print, exuberant XL plants, vertical gardens, oriental Zen gardens, small greenhouses, golden candle holders, a kilim rug at your feet and even design pieces like a chair butterfly.

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