Ideas To Decorate with Hanging Chairs

Ideas To Decorate with Hanging Chairs

The hanging chairs are very decorative. I love how they are in a reading corner or another designed to simply disconnect. There are many ways, materials and textures and today I want to give you some ideas so that you can introduce them in your home and design a comfortable space and perhaps with a certain bohemian touch.

The hanging chairs are considered an evolution of hammocks from Central America that also inspired the Acapulco chair. Let’s see how you can use some of them in your house.

Hanging Chairs

From what material do I choose my hanging chair?

The choice of material, both the rope or chains that hold it and the chair itself, is very important because it will support all our weight and it is essential that it is resistant and, at the same time, comfortable to be seated in it.

You can choose, for example, rattan chairs, which is a light and flexible material but also resistant, so the chair will have a comfortable but robust design at the same time. In addition, since it will not weigh too much, it will not be difficult to hold it on the ceiling.

The natural fibers are very suitable for this type of furniture as they provide a very warm aesthetics. Wicker and rattan always look great, although if you prefer you can also make other types of metal or textile designs, for example.

Hanging chairs in a reading corner

One of the uses that you like the most, I have already mentioned it to you at the beginning. If you want to have a cozy and comfortable reading corner to enjoy with your books you can hang one of these chairs, put cushions and some textile and leave your favorite books nearby to take refuge in them when you feel like it.

The same as for a reading corner serves for a relaxing corner where you just want to be listening to music or breathing.

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Hanging Chairs

That the textiles do not lack

A hanging chair will not be fully dressed without the textiles that accompany it. In addition to helping you with the decoration of this corner will also give you greater comfort when sitting in it.

You cannot miss a few cushions and I love how it is if you put a hair mat or a blanket, to leave it similarly decorated while you’re not using it. Whatever the material chosen for your chair will give a very personalized and warm touch.

In the bedroom

The hanging chairs are also very good in the bedroom. Especially if it is wide enough to have enough space around to feel comfortable at any time you want to use it.

Although if it is small you can also try to hang some, because being in the air do not offer a feeling as heavy as if you put an armchair or an armchair, for example.

Hanging Chairs

For the outside of your home

If there is a place where hanging chairs are always welcome, that is on your terrace, on a porch or in your garden. Wonderful furniture for the outside , since it allows you to spend pleasant moments outdoors while you swing, read or share conversation with your friends. If you like to receive visits put more than one so that not only you can enjoy them.

Hanging from the ceiling or with support

If you do not dare to hang your chair from the ceiling or by its characteristics you cannot put much weight you will find chairs that go on a support and that are equally suspended, but supported by a structure on the floor. I like more hanging from the ceiling but sometimes this option may not be possible. There are alternatives.

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