Mosaic tiles  in the bathroom: interior design

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom: interior design

Mosaic tiles- One of the key decisions that have to be made in repairing the bathroom, this is the choice of the material, which will be lined with walls and floor of this room.

Of course, when considering options, you should always keep in mind special conditions that characterize any bathroom: increased humidity and a change in temperature conditions. In addition, it is the bathroom that needs regular and thorough cleaning.

Walls and floor have to be washed often, and this circumstance needs to be taken into account. There are many versions of the finish, but tile mosaic in the bathroom is the option that many homeowners choose.

Pros and cons of mosaic tiles

mosaic tiles

If you consider the advantages of mosaic tiles, you can see its similarity with the ceramic, which is also popular with designers and homeowners. It is just as strong, reliable and durable.

In addition, the humidity of the room does not adversely affect it, as does the temperature difference. Both types of tiles are pleased with a diverse palette of colors and shades, show high resistance to fading and fading.

And this means that from the point of view of functionality and practicality, both of these materials can be considered equivalent.

From what they produce the mosaicmosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are widely available for sale. It is produced from various materials.

The mosaic made of natural stone in the bathroom looks simply amazing, but the dark stone needs appropriate lighting and this moment must be taken into account

Let’s list only those that are more often than others:

  • A natural stone. As is known, natural materials are characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage. They are durable and durable. Therefore, they are used for cladding surfaces, for which these qualities are more important than others. Mosaics made of natural stone are often used to remove the floor. As a rule, we are talking about granite and marble. But with the participation of Jasper and onyx, expensive panels can be created. The standard parameters of the floor tile chip are 12×12 mm with a thickness of up to 8 mm.
  • This option is most common, and there is a ceramic coating inexpensive. A wide range of colors and shades is his undoubted advantage. With the help of this material, any work of art can be embodied with the necessary degree of accuracy.
  • This material is leading in ease of care for it. In addition, the glass is excellent against the change in temperature conditions and high humidity, it does not absorb moisture. Modern chemical products for the care of surfaces can not damage it. Glass is convenient and that it is impossible to slip on it. The standard dimensions for a chip from such a tile are 20×20 mm with a thickness of up to 4 mm.
  • A mosaic of this material is much less common. But this type of mosaic is considered especially attractive. That’s just the problem of high humidity in the room can prevent the widespread use of metal. If it is a rusting material, it is used in the bathroom only in places most remote from moisture sources, and only as separate decorative elements.
  • Wooden mosaic exists. It is not often used for bathing. For example, in combination with such important for these premise elements as a bath. After all, the baths are also made of wood. Of course, for this mosaic choose special types of wood: larch, beech, oak or cedar, teak, wenge or mahogany. Mandatory for it is the treatment with special compounds that prevent rotting, the appearance of fungus, molds or loss of appearance.

Options for using a finishing material

Speaking about the advantages of mosaic tiles, we noted that the design of the bathroom with mosaic and tiles differ significantly. Using mosaic, you can create a variety of drawings, original ornaments, and whole canvases.

Images of flowers, floral ornament

Flowers are a classic version of the mosaic application in the bathroom interior. They can be made in the form of an ornamental pattern or individual motifs, or in the form of a panel that will cover a large vertical surface of the room.

Popular nautical themesmosaic tiles

Invariably in demand when decorating bathrooms is the marine theme. For its implementation, a combination of mosaics from different materials is often used.

Elements of glass, mirrors, natural stone and with a ceramic coating are useful here. The results, as a rule, exceed all expectations.

Marine themes

The marine theme is as inexhaustible as the plant. To create this wave you needed a mosaic of different types: ceramic, glass and natural stone. But the result was flawless

The mosaic can be combined with other finishing materials. For example, the finishing of small pebbles can symbolize the shore, and the mosaic tile of turquoise and blue flowers play the role of the sea surface.

Waves of glass with impregnations of the natural stone look very impressive. Small objects, such as shells or imitations of marine life, will enhance the effect of presence on the coast.

Original and unobtrusive abstraction

Flowers and other natural motifs, waves, and sandy beaches are all elements that in our minds are inseparably linked with one concept – rest.

They help us cheer up in the morning and relax in the evening after a hard day. The same function can be performed by an abstract pattern.

Silver pattern

Silvery abstraction on the walls of this bathroom is like a Christmas decoration. I really want to dive into a warm bath and from there breathe the cheerfulness that this interior broadcasts

This pattern does not necessarily have to be colorful and multicolored. Even a gray-silver image on a white background creates an excellent atmosphere of purification and freshness.


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