Bedroom with a male character: 5 best stylistic ideas from a designer

Bedroom with a male character: 5 best stylistic ideas from a designer

Male character- Today, in conditions, perhaps, the most complete emancipation of the sexes, it’s no surprise to anyone that a woman or a man creates their house exclusively for their habits and interests, without counting on anyone else. Therefore, the interior design has long been a relevant trend to create a specifically female or male interior. The bedroom with the male character, which will be discussed, is restraint in detail and decor, the absence of many bright colors and complex shapes. Thoroughness, practicality, simplicity with a touch of style – that’s what a modern man needs. And first of all, creating a male interior, it is important to determine the stylistic direction – hence we will begin. How to choose the right mood for the interior of a true male bedroom? We bring to your attention five of the most stylish ideas.male character

Minimalism. Everything is at hand, most functional and convenient. The restrained integrity of the interior, laconism in details, as well as a clear division into functional areas – for sleeping and rest, for work, reading. Such an interior is characterized by simplicity of shapes and textures, fabrics and colors – monochrome combinations of brown, black, gray, and blue shades are welcomed. Such a mood will certainly be appreciated by the man-workaholic, because for him in such a bedroom everything is simple and understandable, without the distraction of attention to unnecessary tinsel.

Gloss and style. If the owner of the bedroom still gravitates to beauty and sophistication, it is worth paying attention to the principles of a style called art deco. This style is perfect for a young modern dandy with a creative vein and a thirst for inspiration. If the furniture is something with a twist, if the decor is luxurious and expensive, the finish is exquisite with an emphasis on wood, ivory, velvet and silk textiles. For the color scheme of the interior, beige, sand, golden, silvery, milky shades are perfect.

Technological. The idea of new technologies is quite in tune with the modern male principle – the clarity of lines and forms, rationality and functionality in use. In this case, the current and trendy high-tech can be taken as a basis. At first glance, it may seem somewhat cold and rather uncomfortable, but thanks to a competent amount of decor and a couple of accents, the interior of such a bedroom can end in an ideal habitat for the urban “advanced” man. The color scheme is restrained, soft gray, beige, black and white tones, the cold shine of chrome-plated metal will prevail here. Create in the interior one or two accents, such as a bed, a mirror or a floor lamp, that would collect around the whole interior, like a mosaic.

Ornate classics. The bedroom for a man, made in a classical style, will be liked by the owner for many years, without requiring radical changes, due to its universality and some kind of neutrality. If desired, the classic interior can be diluted with several truly male accents – for example, a rough leather chair or a skin on the floor. The floor can be decorated with a dark oak – this is a fairly classical solution, while at the same time not devoid of charming brutality. There is also a place for various elements of decor – pictures or photographs in laconic baguettes, vases, candlesticks, beautiful curtains. As for the color palette, preference is best given to the predominance of dark tones – brown, chocolate, black. However, to create a contrast, it is worth adding light shades – beige, milk, sand, light gray.

Sea style. Inspired by the atmosphere of a warm day on the coast and a wonderful walk on the yacht, for a romantic man you can create a light interior with elements of maritime style. The color scheme of this interior assumes a predominance of light and light shades – white, dairy, blue and blue, sand, turquoise. As the accents, various thematic photographs or paintings with landscapes, old maps, statuettes of ships, etc. will fit well. Furniture is better to choose from a light wood – artificially aged or untreated, and in the finish of the floor, use bleached oak or deck masonry made of wood. In such an interior, a creative and easy-going man will feel very comfortable.

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