7 tips to decorate your home in English style

7 tips to decorate your home in English style

The English style is elegant, sophisticated and very particular. Everyone recognizes it! You can enjoy it at home and be the envy of any British palace, castle or saloon.

What comes to mind when we say English style? Definitely, a palace or castle where to have tea in the afternoon! Flowers, porcelain cups, velvet chairs with curved edges and lots of elegance. In this article, we give you 7 tips to make your home the envy of Buckingham Palace. Keep reading- TV room design: How to Design Rooms for TV perfectly

How to decorate in English style?English style

The decoration in the English style is classic, elegant and very sophisticated. Is that what you want for your home? Then you must take into account some more important keys! Whether you want to achieve an urban country ( cottage in British) decoration, pay attention to the following:

1.Place wallpaperEnglish style

The wallpaper is one of the essentials in this style, but be careful because the design should be with cheerful floral prints, but that will give a serious touch to the environment, such as the room. Other alternatives are striped in dark tones for the room or kitchen. You can even choose different textures and patterns.

2. Choose wooden furnitureEnglish style

It is another of the elements that can not be missing in a decoration in the best English style. The furniture must be of light wood, crafted in a traditional way so that they look as old as possible.

In the dining room choose long tables for several people, in the kitchen do not forget a cupboard or closet to put the objects ‘in view’ and in the room, a four-poster bed. For the room, an auxiliary table where to place the crockery and cups for tea. Each environment will have its charm!

3. In the room, a fireplaceEnglish style

Not all current homes have space to place a nice fireplace, but in case you have it … Do not hesitate to install this must of English style! In the British decoration it is even the axis of the environment and in the surroundings, the sofa, the tables or the chairs are placed.

4. For the ceiling, better chandeliersEnglish style

The lighting in a room can serve to highlight a specific place, but also to create an appropriate environment. In the case of the English style, the ceilings are ‘dressed’ with chandeliers, those that are seen in the palaces and castles or in salons highlighted.

You can also place lamps that imitate candelabras (with light bulbs instead of candles) and some pieces that include glass. As for colors: gold, white and silver give it more elegance.

5. Buy a chesterfield sofaEnglish style

Your English room will not be such if you do not have a classic sofa with a buttoned back. The traditional ones are decorated with leather and have rounded edges and very worked legs. The current Chesterfield sofa comes with velvet cushions or fabrics printed on flowers. Be careful in the latter case that they do not saturate the environment if you choose a flowered wallpaper.

6. Put flowers everywhere

A room, a dining room, a kitchen or a room without large vases full of flowers cannot be considered English. But also this feature can be obtained in other places. In addition to the aforementioned wallpapers and sofas … On cushions, rugs, and curtains!

And a fact of color that perhaps interests you: the English rooms decided to put so many flowers to be able to withstand the crude, long and sad winters. In spring and summer, they could enjoy its beautiful and famous colorful gardens, where they also took flowers to decorate the interior and perfume with its various aromas.

7. Do not forget the detailsEnglish style

To make the English style look perfect, choose decorative frames for the walls (for example with old photographs), arrange a tray with cups and porcelain plates (ready for tea time), install classic style mirrors that combine with the legs of sofas or chairs (and that also create the illusion that the environment is larger) and choose floor lamps for the sides of the fireplace.

The carpets can also be very useful to create the right atmosphere, the velvet cushions on the sofa are perfect and the long curtains to the floor that contrast with the other fabrics gives a classic and elegant touch at the same time.

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