How to painting wooden furniture

How to painting wooden furniture

If you have a piece of wood at home and you want to give it a new style, then today we will show you how to do it. Because we do not always need to replace it with a new one, but with a coat of paint and some tricks, we can conserve that furniture that we like so much more.  We share how to painting wooden furniture.

Besides being for the love, it will also be for saving us some euros. Because if every time a piece of furniture is damaged, we have to buy another in its place, the hole in our pocket would be quite considerable. So, we will choose to paint a piece of wood to look like new.

Tips to painting wooden furniture

The first step, and the furniturepainting wooden furniture

It is one of the fundamental steps to take into account. We will not be able to paint directly. Everything takes time and steps, because if we do it correctly, then we will have a more spectacular result. So, we need to start by sanding the furniture. Thanks to the sanding, we will remove the remains of the previous paintings as well as various varnishes. To avoid certain marks on our wooden furniture, it is best to always maintain the same sanding direction. You can find the sandpaper at any hardware store or similar store. Keep reading- How to Choose Sofa According to the Size of your Room

Clean and apply primerpainting wooden furniture

Once the furniture is sanded, we must take a damp cloth and pass it all over it. Remember that it is only about removing dirt, so avoid that the cloth is wet. After having passed, you should let dry a good time. When we have it dry, it will be the turn of the primer. It is applied so that the wood can perspire and in this way, say goodbye to the humidity.

Apply the primer with the help of a roller. Remember to always put some papers on the floor, to avoid staining it. When buying this seal or primer, be it water and wood. Do not worry if you see that the finish is not totally perfect. Since then we will pass the painting and it will not be noticed. Remember that if the paint you bought for the furniture already has a primer base, then you will not need to apply this step. This is best tips to painting wooden furniture.

Painting a piece of wood furniture

The definitive step to paint a piece of wooden furniture has arrived. Of course, the previous layer of primer has to be completely dry and for this, you should wait a prudent time. Finally, it will be time to give the new color to our furniture. You will do it, applying thin layers with both rolls and brushes. Here you can choose the one that best suits you! Although as advice we will tell you that if the furniture is smooth, then it is best to opt for the roller. If you have drawn parts or complicated corners, then have the brush handy.

For a more professional finish, the indicated thing is to give a couple of hands of paint. But remember that before giving the second one, you have to let the first one dry. As not everything goes as expected, it may be that one of the layers is not quite right. Well before that, take a break, let it dry and then sand lightly before passing another coat of paint. This is best tips to painting wooden furniture.

Once you have obtained the expected result, you must leave the furniture completely for a day. After that time you can apply a layer of varnish in order to protect its surface. We are lucky to be able to choose from numerous types of paint. If you want a better and more durable finish, opt for a quality painting. As you can see, painting a piece of wood furniture is not complicated, it only takes a little patience for the time it takes to wait for it to dry up. Will you get to work ?.

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