Eclectic design: venture into creativity

Eclectic design: venture into creativity

Have you moved and do not know where to start? Do you want to renew your spaces but do not have the budget to face such a transformation? Here we present the curious style of eclectic design that may be the solution when decorating your spaces.

The eclectic design comprises a combination of different elements and techniques from different eras, thus creating a composition in the same space, a whole. It is interesting how with elements that we have in our homes (those that we intend to discard and replace them with new ones) we can create original and visually very attractive spaces.

The eclectic style has no rules. This is possible thanks to the combination of different styles such as classic, modern, romantic, rustic or minimalist. From the hand of these styles will be present the objects that characterize them. Therefore, the combination of an object of a certain period with another that is not familiar with it at all is the key to recognizing the eclectic design at a glance.

If you do not know where to start, if you want to renew your spaces, if you do not have a sufficient budget to acquire new furniture or ornaments,  do not worry! In this space, we will tell you the main characteristics of the eclectic design, which could be the protagonist in your house.

Eclectic design features

Mix of elementsEclectic design

As we have already mentioned, the eclectic design is characterized primarily by the mixture and combination of elements from different eras. You should keep in mind that this mix is not governed by choosing random objects and placing them in random places in your house. On the contrary, the eclectic design selects, reflects and determines in detail what types of objects and in which specific corner of your home to locate them.

The collectingEclectic design

Collecting is a very characteristic feature of all people. Everyday objects and furniture of all kinds are produced and disposed of. In addition, we always have some object or small furniture that does not fit into our environment or we do not know where to place it. Keep in mind that eclectic design is essential for those who usually collect things.


This style also brings a certain nostalgic feeling. We cling to objects that have history, a meaning, a past. Or even new objects that we adore and we are sure that we never want to get rid of them. This feeling that creates the eclectic style is fundamental since it will lend a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the spaces.

While the eclectic design collects and mixes, it is important to keep in mind not to overload our spaces. Create a composition, a kind of artistic painting in each of your rooms. Mixing and collecting do not mean accumulating. It is fundamental to be able to establish a visual balance in the combination of all the elements.

Tips for creating an eclectic styleEclectic design

The combination of materials, colors, textures, and dimensions are pillars when you want to create an eclectic atmosphere in your spaces. We will give you some tips to get to know you in depth and thus venture to create. Keep reading- 8 tips to decorate your apartment in black

Color combinationEclectic design

In general, this style combines neutral colors such as black, white, gray or even brown, contrasting with gold or silver. It is ideal to keep the walls in light colors, so furniture and objects will be more prominent.

Materials mixEclectic design

Carpets, curtains and cushion covers are key elements to take into account at the moment of wanting to give an eclectic air to our home. The fabrics, in addition to providing warmth to the spaces, “dress” the home. Curtains, carpets or cushion covers with patterns and prints are protagonists in this style. You can combine, for example, a brown leather sofa with velvet cushions in vibrant colors.

If you have sofas with already designed tapestries, it is a great opportunity to show off in your spaces of eclectic style.

There are countless ways to create and compose your home with an obvious eclectic style. You should keep in mind that to set your house with this style, it is not necessary to spend money.

Thus, you will be able to create original, warm spaces that include a great variety of eras. The eclectic design is a style created as a result of what we have. What will make the spaces of our houses even more personal and interesting? Go ahead and create your own style and use those objects that you do not know where to locate.

In this way, you can play with your creativity. Use your imagination. Change the furniture and objects of place, reupholster, paint, restore. Create from what you already have, play with the contrast of colors and materials and venture to know the interesting world of eclectic design.

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