The balcony door protects from cold, heat and street noise. When it comes to an unglazed balcony, no one doubts that it is necessary. Nevertheless, the owners of glazed and high-quality insulated loggias and balconies sometimes refuse to install the balcony door, increasing the adjacent to the balcony room. This is everyone’s business, but the balcony door becomes a necessity when it is important to maximally protect the living space from the negative impact of the external environment, or when the balcony is used as an office or a recreation area. Moreover, if you give due attention to the choice and design of the balcony door, you can turn it into an interior decoration. We deal with materials, sizes, opening schemes, ways of glazing and other moments.


An unacceptably high offer of plastic doors can form a mistaken opinion among the buyer that there is nothing more on the market. Undoubtedly, PVC doors have a number of advantages and today are the best in terms of price-quality ratio, they are universal, but the market offers alternative options. Among them are wooden, aluminum and glass doors. The choice is based not only on price and appearance but also on how much this or that option will fit well into the apartment and whether it will be combined with the already installed windows.

If the apartment has wooden windows or tenants appreciate everything natural and ecological, then the wooden doors are your option. Modern production has managed to get rid of many of the problems characteristic of old wooden windows and doors. Today, for the production of the profile, almost no whole wood is used – it was replaced by a glued beam, which practically does not react to changes in humidity and temperature, which was achieved by the opposite direction of the wood fibers in different layers. For production, pine and larch are usually used, the elements are joined by eco-friendly water-repellent adhesives. wooden balcony doors.

Doors with an aluminum profile on the balconies today are put not so often as wooden and plastic. Aluminum-based alloy structures are made, in a warm profile between the two metal parts is a layer of insulation. For residential premises, it is better to use it, but if the loggia is sufficiently well insulated, then it is possible to stop and on the easiest possible cold profile.


Whatever the profile of the door, all the structures are equipped with modern double-glazed windows: they are superior in performance to single glass that was used before.

The main characteristics of the double-glazed windows, which are important to pay attention to:

the number of cameras. The camera is the space between the glass panes. The simplest version is a single-compartment glass unit, i.e. consisting of two glasses and space between them. If the balcony is well insulated, then this option will be enough. If the insulation is not very good, or it is not included with the glazing at all, then the choice is better to stop on a two-chamber (for warm regions) or a three-chamber insulating glass. The more chambers, the higher the isolation from the external environment. For better protection against noise, manufacturers make different distances between the panes; double-glazed camera

type of glass. The simplest and most justified option is float glass. If the balcony is not glazed, it makes sense to install a low-emission glass, which will allow better to keep the heat in winter and cool in the summer. On open balconies also it makes sense to put double-glazed windows with tempered glass or triplex to improve the safety of the apartment; double glazing camera.

chamber filler. In most cases, this is drained air, sometimes an inert gas or other substances are used, which should increase the thermal insulation and the cost at the same time. Check that it is inside, it is impossible, so buy these double-glazed windows better with sellers with a name.


single. Such doors are often installed in kitchens and in those cases where the entrance to the loggia or balcony is located on its narrow side. Such doors are completely filled with double-glazed windows or have an opaque plastic / wooden insert. Can have a different number of leaflets; balcony door single

combined, or door lock, a structure consisting of a balcony door and adjacent windows, the door can be located in the center or on the side. balcony door combined

In terms of the number of doors, balcony doors can be :

with two full flaps – the maximum that can be squeezed out of ordinary swing doors, but for this, it will be necessary to dismantle the nearby window and the partition if this does not break the integrity and strength of the wall. These doors look good and allow you to penetrate a lot of light; balcony door with two doors

with one active leaf and the second passive (deaf or opening if necessary). Such doors are called stump;

Three or more flaps is an option found in sliding doors. Such systems can fill the openings of any size but also weigh the designs appropriately.

The size of the balcony doors can be anything, but it’s better if they are at least 190 cm in height and at least 60 cm in width. If the width of the opening is more than 90 cm, then one flap cannot be dispensed with.


Depending on the requirements for the door structure and its own aesthetic preferences, the balcony door can be glazed in one of the following ways:

full glazing, when the entire door is filled with double-glazed windows. Most companies do not guarantee such designs, since the weight of the glass unit exceeds all standards, and deformation of the structure may occur;window door full glazing

full glazing with a jumper (impost) in the middle of the door – an option that, with a high level of transparency, preserves proper security. When installing the door unit, the impost is positioned at the level of the window sill to achieve the best visual effect; balcony door full glazing 2

Partial glazing when the lower half or third remains deaf;

completely deaf balcony doors are used extremely rarely, but if necessary, can be manufactured by the manufacturer. window door partial glazing


The choice of the door opening scheme is based on the design of the door leaf, its dimensions, features and characteristics of the adjacent premises. Available options are:

swing doors (swivel) – the most popular option. The door leaf opens into the room on one side. This is the cheapest and easy-to-install construction. If the door consists of several canvases, then two or only one can be opened at a blind second. There are swinging doors with an impost, a rigid partition, thanks to which the doors are fixed in a stationary state, but this design is not very convenient since the bar will interfere with free movement when the door is fully opened. For wide openings, it is better to choose stump doors. In them, one leaf is active and serves for permanent movement, and the second is closed on the latch and, if necessary, can also be opened.


The fittings include all those elements that ensure the functioning of the door: the course of the door leaf, locking, airing, sealing, protection from insects and children. The quality fittings are designed for 20 thousand openings and closings. Experts recommend paying attention to the fittings of German and Swiss production, which surpasses the quality of Chinese and Turkish counterparts.

In the complete set with a door, there can be both an ordinary one-sided handle, and bilateral. The latter is more convenient since it allows you to close the door tightly from the balcony side. Instead of a double-sided handle, you can use the usual one complete with a latch or stationary handle, which allows you to simply pull the door leaf toward you. The door handle can have protection from accidental opening by the child, be equipped with a lock or even have protection against breaking, which is important for balcony doors facing the street, ie. on the unglazed balcony.


The balcony door is not only a way to protect yourself from the cold. With complete tightness and proper functionality, it should be aesthetically attractive, so as not only not to spoil, but also to decorate the interior of the apartment.

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