How to make a room look bigger in 2018

How to make a room look bigger in 2018

Play with visual optics and make a room look bigger, bright and elegant, applying 7 Infallible tips, that we bring today for you!

Everyone in this life, regardless of whether we are men or women, we dream of having a spacious, functional and incredibly beautiful house, even though our space may be small, we are always looking for ways to create furniture and tricks that allow us to expand the spaces of our home, even when only playing with optics.

A spacious space, transmit peace, harmony and freedom … And for nothing, the square meters of your home must be an obstacle to achieve this environment. The first thing you must keep in mind to achieve your goal is:

Have order at home

Eliminate everything else in the home

Use light tones

Furniture and accessories according to size

Natural light

Artificial light

With this, I assure you that you will add a few square meters to the areas of your home and thus achieve an effect of grandeur and elegance, which it deserves.

7 tips that will help you to make a home look bigger

Are you ready?

Good lightingmake a room look bigger

Light has the power to expand spaces, so you must include it in each area of your home, artificially by means of light bulbs and chandeliers, as well as natural, through windows. It will help you to make a room look bigger.

The magic of mirrorsmake a room look bigger

The idea of including mirrors in the decoration is key, especially if we want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated design. You will also add amplitude, depth and continuity to the area where you have placed it. Keep reading

Enough furniture for the size of the roommake a room look bigger

Do not saturate the spaces, add only that you need and eliminate those other elements that would only give a clutter effect to the area. Keep reading- 6 Tips for Small Rooms Decoration

Includes flowers and plants in the decorationmake a room look bigger

Include plants or flowers inside the home, will allow you to purify areas of bad vibes and also increase energy and comfort inside the house. As if that were not enough, nature in the interior is one of the most current trends, directly relating to intimacy and spirituality in the home.

Do not cut spacesmake a room look bigger

Create a fluency between one space and another, more if they share the same picture, that way you will give an amplitude effect. It will help you to make a room look bigger.

Combine glass and glassmake a room look bigger

Glass and mirror in combination will make your home have a touch of unique elegance. In addition, the light and reflection that these two elements will provide the place will expand its size by a simple visual effect. It will help you to make a room look bigger.

Colors to make a room look biggermake a room look bigger

Do not saturate your walls with strong colors that will only create a heavy atmosphere inside your house. It is best to choose neutral tones. Because they will help you reflect the light of your house, achieving an effect of spaciousness and freshness. It will help you to make a room look bigger.

Now you know, you do not need to remodel your home at the moment to give it a much bigger appearance … Play with tricks of simple optics and create spacious, cosy and elegant environments!

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