How to clean wicker furniture

How to clean wicker furniture

How to clean wicker furniture. Mostly the wicker furniture is suitable for the garden, they bring a touch of warmth very appropriate for this space. The braided wicker fibers that make up this furniture are a nest for dust and many do not know how to clean them.

If the wicker furniture is dirty, it will look dull and sad. So that I can avoid it, in this interesting article I will teach you how to clean wicker furniture.

How to clean wicker furniture?

How to clean wicker furniture

-Use a steam cleaning machine

This machine is recommended to properly clean varnished wicker furniture. If the wicker furniture you have in your garden has a natural finish, I advise you to follow the steps below to clean them properly.

The first thing you have to do is remove all the dust contained in the wicker furniture. So that the dust is easily and quickly removed, I suggest you use a vacuum cleaner, which will also eliminate dirt accumulated in the furniture fibers.

Then prepare a mixture of hot water and soap

How to clean wicker furniture

Put the mixture in a spray, then apply on the furniture fibers and avoid getting too wet. Once you have applied the mixture to the entire piece of furniture, use a clean cloth to begin removing dirt.

-Use a soft-brushed brush. If the dirt does not want the brush. out of the wicker furniture, you have to use a soft-bristled brush and it will do a deeper cleaning. It is very important that the brush always passes in the same direction as the wicker, that way it will avoid damaging it.

-Once the wicker furniture is clean, put it to dry. Especially this type of furniture should be dried in a place where air flows. Never make the mistake of drying these furnitures in direct sunlight, because it will damage them too much.

To finish. Once these furniture are well dried, you can give them a varnish finish, if necessary. The varnish will take care of making the furniture look newer and prevent the weather from damaging them.


How to clean wicker furniture

The banks are essential for the garden. They are very practical and too easy to integrate. Banks always stop outside, so it is very important that they are made of a durable material, to avoid cracks and deterioration. The most durable banks that currently exist are made of teak wood, it is a material that resists humidity and different climatic changes very well.

The folding chairs are perfect for a garden. This type of chairs serve many things. The folding chairs with armrests take up a lot of space, but they are super comfortable. The seat cushions of these chairs must be made of fabrics that allow frequent washing.

How to clean wicker furniture

Awnings and umbrellas are also perfect for a garden. Because they protect us from the sun’s rays and create shade in the sunny season. If you want your garden to look more cozy and romantic, I recommend that you make or make beautiful pergolas in your garden. The pergolas not only serve to protect us from light and sun, but also serve as support for those climbing plants and bushes with flowers.

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