Original ideas to decorate the base of the Christmas tree

Original ideas to decorate the base of the Christmas tree

It is the eternal forgotten. We care about decorating the center, which is usually the part that looks the most, and we even place the star very carefully on the tip of our Christmas tree. But what about the base?

The base of our tree is usually the least decorated part. However, it also looks great. And when we see a superbly decorated Christmas tree and discover that its base shows part of its skeleton, we get a little disappointed! And who does not? That’s why we want to help you decorate the base of your tree with great ideas.

Fiber baskets and pots

If the classic goes, nothing better than opting for natural fiber baskets. The baskets will give a very authentic and natural touch to your decoration. In addition, the baskets are super fashionable, so you can use them after Christmas in many other ways. For example, to store your magazines, plaids, cushions, dirty clothes, etc. It all depends on the size of your basket.

Christmas tree

If you are looking for realism, you can always opt for a pot. Of course, try that the design and even the materials of your pot keep relation with the one of your tree. In other words, make sure that the style of your tree and that of your pot are similar. In this way, both pieces will be integrated into your decoration and the effect will be more realistic. Our suggestions? A pot of vegetable fibers. It is decorative, light and very natural. The porcelain and cement are very decorative, but too heavy.

Gifts, sackcloth, plaids, blankets or cushions

Gifts are very common to decorate the base of the Christmas tree. Large, medium, small, with a plain paper, one stamped, etc. Dare to mix gifts of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns that will serve to cover the base of the tree, in a very decorative and realistic. The problem will be to find out what gifts really are.

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If you are looking for more original and fun ideas, then nothing better than choosing to cover the base of your Christmas tree with a sackcloth. It is super cheap, simple, fast and decorative. You can buy this fabric in any trade and give a few turns to the fabric. Try to leave some folds to achieve a more informal effect. You can even place a carpet on the base of your tree to dress this corner even more. Another interesting solution is to opt for a blanket, plaid or for a few cushions that cover the base. You can even mix designs, colors and patterns to decorate your tree with style.

In a minimalist and eco version

You can always opt for cheaper and simpler solutions. For example, a paper bag to cover a small Christmas tree a wooden box, like traditional vegetable boxes. These ideas are very cheap because you can recycle or take advantage of these items and save you the purchases. Another fun and super cheap option is to go for a walk in the woods and get a few small trunks that will serve to cover the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

Do you have a small tree and in a minimalist version? In that case, nothing better than choosing a vase or a demijohn to place your tree or a few branches of fir, with hanging ornaments.

Finally, you can always choose the traditional skirt for Christmas tree. It can be purchased at any specialized trade. Although another interesting option is to do it yourself with fabrics that you have at home and want to recover.

And you, what other ideas do you recommend?

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