Ten tips to decorate your room without spending money

Ten tips to decorate your room without spending money

Do not spend hundreds of dollars redecorating. Here are the tips to decorate your room without spending money.

Decorate your room with these ideas that will not break your pocket and you can complete in a short time. Go ahead and give your room a new look.

1.Flowersdecorate your room without spending money

The flowers give a natural and beautiful touch to a room, and since the room is one of the most used places in the house, they will receive more attention. You do not need to spend on special flowers every week, the ones that grow in your yard are enough. Also consider including a plant that will bloom at a certain time of year, since you will not have to replenish branches every few days. Although part of the year certain species will not have flowers, these will give that same natural touch to your room.

Another option to save are plastic flowers, do not you convince? Follow the tips in tips to decorate with flowers and artificial plants so that no one notices the difference.

2.Booksdecorate your room without spending money

Books and magazines are a good accessory to decorate your room, apart from being a great conversation point. Take your favorite books from their shelves, put them on top of each other creating a tower and arrange them on a small table as decoration. Put a book with images, such as travel or architecture, or magazines, at the central table in your living room for those times when you want to relax on the sofa or have visitors. A house full of books always looks good, visit second-hand stores to find new volumes and fill your shelves and shelves. A stylish technique: accommodate them by color. It is a good tip to decorate your room without spending money.

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3. Add color to the floordecorate your room without spending money

You can add color to the floor of your living room with a colorful rug or rug. If space has neutral or clear colors, add a rug with geometric shapes and bright colors, which will give life to your room. You do not have to spend a lot on a carpet, stores like IKEA or Target have models at cheap prices that are modern and colorful.

The right man can make a big difference in space, so take your time to find the right one. I tell you some tricks to find the best in How to choose the perfect carpet for your space.  Keep reading https://generationguy.com/reviews/three-under-appreciated-ways-to-decorate-your-home/

4.And to the walls!decorate your room without spending money

Do not forget to color your room by painting the walls. You do not need to add striking colors to the wall if you do not want it, light colors also give a room a finish. Although this part may take a little time, it will give a completely different look to your room, for a little investment. If you prefer to save time and even more money, consider painting just one accent wall. What do you think of a striped? It is a good tip to decorate your room without spending money.

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5. Use a piece that catches your attentiondecorate your room without spending money

The rooms can sometimes be seen too planned and without fun. To add a creative touch, add a striking piece. This can be an antique chair, a modern painting, a floor statue in a corner of the room, or a chandelier. Do not worry if the piece you chose does not seem to match the rest of the room, just make sure to use a common element, such as color, material or style, and you will see that it works. The most important thing is that this piece stands out and gives a change to space. To save the best you can do is visit thrift stores or garage sales. You never know what relics you can find!

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6.Cushionsdecorate your room without spending money

If your sofas are neutral, add cushions or cushions with a different and attractive fabric, they will be renewed in an instant! You can choose a light color or a bright one, but make sure you choose a pattern that stands out. Large cushions are easier to keep order than small ones and look better aesthetically, but several smaller ones can give a fun touch to your room. If you want your sofa to look neat, choose an even number of cushions. Keep reading- 6 Tips for Small Rooms Decoration

Always be careful when mixing the patterns of your decoration (including curtains, cushions, carpets, etc), I’ll tell you a simple trick to make sure everything combines in How to combine patterns when decorating

7.Mirrorsdecorate your room without spending money

The mirrors are perfect to make a small space feel bigger. Add a mirror to the wall right in front of a window to reflect the view and make your room feel more open. If you like the idea you can include a large mirror that covers the entire wall, but it limits the number of accessories that you add to the room or it can look messy. To save, buy a mirror without a frame or with a thin one. Then, as a project, create a wooden frame yourself. You can paint it the color you want or cover it with other details, like coins. It is a good tip to decorate your room without spending money.

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8.Lampsdecorate your room without spending money

Lighting is always important when decorating, as it makes everything look clean and tidy. Natural light is always better, but in cases where it is not available, make sure you have lamps that give good light. Choose beautiful lamps that combine with your decor and take the opportunity to style your room with large lamps. The floor can be more expensive but will create a greater effect. Invest in one for a corner and some for a table. It is a good tip to decorate your room without spending money.

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9. Move the furniture in placedecorate your room without spending money

When you want to redecorate your room without spending a penny, move the furniture and accessories instead. Not only will you give a new look to space but you will also learn to be more creative with the decoration of your home.

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10. Keep the orderdecorate your room without spending money

Finally, the most important thing is that you maintain order in the room. You do not have to spend hours cleaning, but if there are things on the floor or out of place, make sure you order them. If you keep your room tidy, it will always look much better, even if you have not decorated it completely. It is a good tip to decorate your room without spending money.

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