5 detached garage designs idea that you must know

5 detached garage designs idea that you must know

Decorating the detached garage of your house is a task that we often leave aside. We have this room as merely functional and we forget that it is one more part of the house, which has the right to minimal care. A decorated and detached garage designs are not the same as a gloomy one with no hint of ornamentation in it.

If you know how to care, you can have a two in one; a garage and a place to do DIY work.

How to start detached garage designs

detached garage designs idea

You can start by placing a workbench where you can do your homework. It must be made of wood and it must be well reinforced since on occasions it will hold a lot of weight.


The security in this type of elements is paramount, so make sure it is solid and cannot be dismantled once you have started the work. The garage is the best place to put this bank since it is where you will have more space.

DIY bench decoration

detached garage designs idea

Following the decoration based on the DIY bench, acoustic insulation is very important. With it, you will not disturb the neighbors and you can make all the noise you want. Also, your family members will not like to hear noises when they need a bit of peace at home. You may also like http://wikimodel.org/reviews/can-home-robots-make-our-lives-easier/


As for the temperature, you should also control it in some way. Being an independent room of the house, you will not have heating or air conditioning in it. What you can do is isolate it thermally. In this way, it will trap the heat during the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

Interior design

detached garage designs idea

Regarding the lighting, do not let yourself be carried away by the image that is given in television movies. Your garage does not have to be a cold, dark place. Install a system that provides enough light to feel comfortable in it. Either when you arrive at night with the car or when you want to assemble a piece of furniture. Ideally, put some fluorescents on the ceiling, since some halogen bulbs would be excessive.

Do not forget to place ornamental elements as well as furniture or shelves for garden tools or carpentry tasks.

Cleaning system

detached garage designs idea

If you place a sofa to rest, avoid it from materials that are not very resistant and difficult to clean. Finally, as the comfort and well-being in a room depend not only on what you see but also on what you hear, put on a stereo.

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