Best Small Gardens and Ideas

Best Small Gardens and Ideas

Do you wonder what to do with the small gardens? Even if you do not have much outdoor space, there are a lot of things you can do to get the most out of it. We have a lot of great design ideas to make the most of your space.

Here are the best small gardens and ideas

PotsSmall Gardens

To get the most out of a small garden, one of the best ideas is planting in pots. Besides being a decorative factor, will make the plant does not grow too much and you can move it easily. If your property is rented, the plants in containers will be able to take them with you since it is not necessary to dig the garden.

Banks or seatsSmall Gardens

An excellent idea to take advantage of the little space of your garden is to place a bench or seat, surrounded by flowerbeds or large pots with leafy plants. The idea is that the plants cover the dividing walls or fences of the garden, that way you will have the illusion of being in the middle of a forest or jungle.

By hiding the divisions and borders, the optical illusion of amplitude is created.

Curve linesSmall Gardens

The curves or diagonals give the illusion of a larger space. This is one of the tricks most used by garden designers. By breaking the geometry and right angles, the notion of the dimension of space is lost a bit. Take advantage of this idea, as in the images below.

MirrorsSmall Gardens

The optical effect of the mirrors of enlarging the spaces is well known, so why not use this resource in the garden. The mirror will look like a door or window open onto another garden, which will give you a sense of spectacular open space. You can use old, cheap mirrors, you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Walking trails

The paths surrounded by vegetation often give a sense of space, because you are “breaking” the real limits of the garden. You can use wood, tiles or stones.

Small gardens with poolSmall Gardens

If you want to add a pool and you have little space, these images can help you achieve a garden with well-defined and very functional areas.Small Gardens

A small pool can be more than enough to relax the elderly or fun for the little ones.

Decorated small gardensSmall Gardens

They can be decorated in many ways and using various elements, such as stones, wood, tiles, large pots. In the following image, for example, wood and square stones have been used, with a small fountain in the center, achieving a space of great peace and freshness.

Large pots in vertical can help us add many colorful plants and flowers, without needing much surface in the ground.

You can hang lamps from a tree or bush.Small Gardens

And of course, colorful cushions and beautiful prints are another resource very used, effective and very economical.

A central area to build a fire can be a very nice decorative element to enjoy at night.

The use of different levels can be another way to make a garden look bigger than it is. As well as being much more interesting.

With stonesSmall Gardens

The stones are another resource that you can use to define and separate areas within the garden. In addition, they allow the soil to absorb water from the rain.

This type of gardens, where wood is mixed with stone, often give a very relaxing feeling.

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