How to turn your terrace into an oasis

How to turn your terrace into an oasis

When the good weather arrives, the need to take advantage of it makes us launch to populate the beaches and the terraces of the bars, but why not take advantage of the space we have at home? In this article, we will give you ideas to turn your terrace into an oasis.

If there is something that you are not going to have to worry about this summer, it will be from your terrace. No matter the dimensions or views, with some imagination you can get the full potential to yours and without having to spend a lot of money. Include an elegant umbrella, make some plants to create an oasis, a couple of chairs or a useful table can help you transform your terrace completely.

10 Ideas to turn your terrace into an oasis

  1. Matching garden furniture
  2. A bohemian-style garden or balcony
  3. Did someone say sofa
  4. The perfect excuse to have a hammock
  5. Vegetation makes its way
  6. Chic comfort
  7. A rich barbecue
  8. Do not forget the light
  9. Cover yourself with curious looks
  10. The floor also counts

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 1: Matching garden furniture

No more decorating the terrace based on remnants: a chair here a table over there. If you make an effort in the living room of your home all the furniture are perfectly coordinated why not make them with the terrace? Today there are families of furniture that will make the task much easier.

The usefulness of furniture families lies in the fact that they offer a wide variety of models and that you can combine them to your liking. You do not have to buy a full range, a couple of shelves, a sofa or a table can be all you need.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 2: A bohemian-style garden or balcony

When we think about good weather, we cannot stop imagining those elegant haimas on the beach where everything seems to go at another speed. Your terrace can also become a paradise with a little imagination. Incorporates umbrellas to create different environments. If you like the privacy of a haima, with a gazebo with curtains you will be able to spend pleasant evenings on your terrace without having to suffer the heat of the sun but enjoying all its light. A classic gazebo can also set your summer evenings to take advantage of the last rays of the sun every afternoon. But if what you want is a real fairy tale, a mosquito net can become one of your favorite accessories for summer nights. In addition to protecting yourself from mosquitoes, it will return all the romance to your terrace. Fix it on the ceiling and let it fall covering a sofa. A bohemian-style garden or balcony

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 3: Did someone say sofa?

If there is something that becomes a must during the summer is the siesta. The intensive day in the vast majority of jobs usually leaves a couple of hours in the afternoon for a nap, and what better than sleeping on the terrace? The sunlight, the birds chirping, and the smell of the plants. Everything seems to rock in a nice dream but of course, the sofa on which to sleep is part of the charm.

You can try to combine different sofas until you find one that suits the shape and size of your terrace. Finish completing this set of sofas with a stool, perfect for placing your feet while enjoying summer evenings.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 4: The perfect excuse to have a hammock

Everyone loves hammocks, although we tend to think that it is necessary to have a huge garden full of trees to be able to hang them. Well, the time has come to democratize the use of the hammock.

During the day you can tan in the sun’s rays in the most comfortable way and in the afternoon recline a bit and catch up with your summer readings.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 5: Vegetation makes its way

If you really want an oasis, the plants are an undeniable part of the decoration of your terrace. You do not have to resort to heavy pots with big trees. Aloe vera, gardenias or even hardy and small cactus can splash your green terrace.

Hanging planters allow you to save space and are the best way to expose some plants. If you hang several of the roofs of your terrace, you will get the effect of an authentic jungle. You can also use the classic pots with support, this way you will beautify your railings and you will also save space. If you prefer a more romantic decoration, there are stands for plants, a very flirty way to start your small collection.Vegetation makes its way

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 6: Chic comfort

The chairs and hammocks, although decorative, can be somewhat hard if you do not complement them with chair or back cushions. If you want your terrace to have coherence, nothing likes using the same cushions for all the furniture. It is increasingly common to leave cushions and blankets on the terraces. Although it is hot in summer, that characteristic coolness of the nights means that on more than one occasion we choose to get inside the house instead of taking advantage and staying to see the stars. The best solution to this type of problem is to always leave some blanket on the terrace.

You can also accessorize your sofas and chairs with the help of cushions. Choose everything to suit the style you want to give your terrace and do not forget the extra comfort they bring.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 7: A rich barbecue

Another of the key plans of the summer is the barbecues. If you are tired of having to wait to be invited to one, buy your own. It does not matter that your terrace is small because there are barbecues of all sizes: with cart, laptops, and simple. Make sure you have good ventilation and the rest will be a piece of cake, or in this case, barbecue food.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 8: Do not forget the light

But since not all summer plans are made during the day, it is also important to acclimatize your terrace so that it is an oasis also at night. Open the door to the LED lights. In all its formats can help you to give the necessary lighting to your terrace so you create intimate and paradisiacal environments. A pair of garlands of LED lights running through your terrace can reproduce the atmosphere of an authentic chill-out terrace.

Another one of the many possibilities that exist is the one to use a lamp of solar light. They are charged during the day thanks to the rays of the sun and you do not have to turn them on because they do it automatically when they are fully recharged. If you place this type of lighting on the floor of your terrace and in areas where they do not hinder your passage, you will get the necessary light to see everything perfectly but without its light becoming annoying.Do not forget the light

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 9: Cover yourself with curious looks

We often forget to decorate the walls of our terrace. If you cover them with lattices you will create a more intimate stay. This type of trellis offers you the possibility of hanging plants through pots or as a vine so that nature wraps your terrace. You can also place garlands of LED lights to give your decoration a magical touch.

How to turn your terrace into an oasis- 10: The floor also counts

The floor is the great forgotten of all the rooms. We spend all summer on it and do not reconsider that it can also be something to decorate. You can get the most out of the floor of your terrace if you put for example carpets in sand tones so that the warmth reaches the always cold tiles. There are fabrics especially recommended for outdoor use.

You can always cover the floor of your terrace with the help of wooden pallet. In this way, you will protect the floor and change the entire stay. In addition to being easy to clean, if you get tired of it you can always change it for another and renew the decoration of your terrace as you need it.The floor also counts

We hope these ideas will useful to you. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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