10 cheap ideas to decorate the living room

10 cheap ideas to decorate the living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. However, the decoration of this place does not have to be expensive when there are details that can help you define your aesthetic from a low cost vision. How to decorate the living room for little money?

decorate the living room

1. Pictures

The paintings that are the artistic manifestation of renowned authors have a high value. However, in the market you can find pieces that do not have as much value from the artistic point of view but that fulfill their aesthetic and ornamental function in the home. Not only can you find these canvases in stores of this theme, but you can also select works by local authors who present their collections to the public in exhibitions.

2. Painting the chairs

You can give a new aesthetic to decorate the living room with this furniture through a touch of paint that adds a new life to this dining area.

decorate the living room

3. A new sofa

The sofa can be a star element to decorate the living room as synonymous with comfort and well-being. An attractive design can redefine the vision of this place from this aesthetic.

4. Change some pieces of furniture

A new decoration can not only come from the total or partial renovation of the room. This new design of the dining room can take on a life of its own in a new way of presenting the elements that make up this room in the house.

decorate the living room

5. Carpet

In addition to having an aesthetic function, it also has a soil protection function when increasing its care. It also promotes the pleasant feeling of being able to walk barefoot in winter.

6. A bookstore

In the living room you can also integrate a library area to place your selection of titles and magazines, which besides being an invitation to reading, also achieve an ornamental function thanks to its exterior design. If you already have a library at home, then choose a different way to distribute the titles of the different authors.

7. Textile products

You can transform the place through a change of curtains and cushions. In addition, you can also release the feeling of a new sofa with a change of cover with a different pattern.

decorate the living room

8. Desk in the lounge

This formula, in addition to decorate the living room through the creation of a corner of work in the living room, also puts in value the emotional proximity of those who perform some steps that do not require a maximum concentration, while you feel close to the people who wants.

You can also place the table computer there for family use. This is a pedagogical measure to be close to the children when they surf the internet and, in this way, to be able to guide them about the possibilities offered by online resources.

9. An inherited piece of furniture

The emotional legacy of your family history may be linked to some decoration detail that belonged to your grandparents, for example. The value of this type of detail does not lie in the economic, but in its vital impact. An inherited piece of furniture has its own story that connects with your own biography and becomes a mattafora of affection.

decorate the living room

10. Plants and vases with flowers

The ornamental potential of the flowers in each season puts into perspective the infinite beauty of these natural proposals as a stimulus of well-being in the home. In addition, if you wish you can also invest in artificial products that despite not being able to provide the natural aroma of the plants, they do stand out for a visual quality that lasts over time.

Therefore, the sofa can be your favorite place in the house and its decorative potential is unlimited thanks to interesting and low-cost proposals.

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