Decoration Seventies: A Trip To The 70’s

Decoration Seventies: A Trip To The 70’s

The decoration seventies takes us directly to the 70s. It is a retro style that makes velvet furniture, vibrant colors or wallpaper come home again. Or all together, if you feel like it.

A balanced combination of these elements, and others, will result in a very special aesthetic that can fit very well in your home. Do you want to prove it? Next we see how you can get it.

Main characteristics of the decoration seventies

The decoration of the 70s is not exactly minimalist, simple or discreet. Quite the contrary. It is a style in which intense and vibrant colors predominate, such as yellows, blues, oranges, fuchsias or reds. It also makes use of geometric shapes and floral and psychedelic prints.

Of course, you have to be careful when using colors and patterns to avoid saturating the spaces visually. Do it in small brushstrokes as a detail and so sure you hit. You can bet on a strong color for your sofa, for example, and leave the rest more neutral.

Decoration Seventies

A comfortable seventies

You have many ways to introduce the 70 in your current decoration. You can do it through a single piece of furniture such as a dresser with seventies aesthetics. Put it in the living room or in the hall, for example, and add some decorative element also with retro style to complete this special corner.

Mix of styles

It is not necessary that your whole house, suddenly, return completely to the 70. It can be enough with small brushstrokes like the one that showed you before or, also, you have the option to mix some seventies elements with more current ones.

They will look good with a vintage style, for example, and even in some room with Nordic touches. Normally they are elements of strong colors that will contrast with the typical Scandinavian white. Of course, I recommend that you do not mix it with a 50s or 80s style, for example.

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Decoration Seventies

The wallpaper

Although the wallpaper is a decorative seventies element that came back a long time to stay, if you want that seventies memory you can choose a psychedelic, colorful and geometric print.

If it is especially striking, I recommend that you put it only on one of the walls of the room. It can be very cool in the headboard of the bed or the couch in the living room, for example. Keep reading

More prints

In addition to the wallpaper, you can introduce strong and ornate prints in other places, such as furniture, kitchenware and textiles. This example of Scion is a good example of all this. As you see, the bright and strong colors that we mentioned at the beginning with striped and polka dot prints have been used.

Decoration Seventies

70’s kitchen

The decoration seventies will look good in any place where you decide to use it. In the kitchen you can paint the tiles of some vibrant color typical of this style and add a piece of furniture with a floral or geometric pattern, for example.

Even if you want to make more changes in the room you can change some appliance so that it has a retro aesthetic. Add some flowers and wooden furniture and your seventies kitchen will be ready.

Textures and materials

The velvet is one of the very textures of 70. We saw that not long ago had returned to form part of the latest decoration, so if you like do not hesitate to introduce it in any of your furniture and accessories.

In terms of materials, plastic, leather and vinyl are ideal for furniture and accessories. You can combine it with something dark wood and aluminum elements.

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