The Best Styles To Decorate a Loft

The Best Styles To Decorate a Loft

The best styles to decorate a loft with the industrial one a curious thing happens: despite being a style with a lot of personality and great decorative presence, it is also the most versatile. We mean that this style combines perfectly with others and without losing a bit of character.

To show you that, indeed, it is, we present the best styles to decorate a loft. From the Nordic style to the contemporary, passing through the sophisticated. It’s time to give a twit to the loft.

Decorate a Loft

Aires Del Norte with the Nordic style

With its natural woods and light and bright colors, the Nordic is the perfect companion for an industrial loft. These two styles, despite being so opposite, are well understood and work perfectly together.

The reason? Both like open spaces and functional and versatile pieces. However, the industrial bets for heavy and sober materials and dark interiors. To counteract this aesthetic we have the Nordic. A style that relies on warm materials such as noble wood and natural fabrics and bright, neutral colors such as white and gray. Keep reading

In other words, the coldness of the industrial aesthetic is softened by the Nordic look that brings warmth to our loft. In practice, this combination can be achieved by adding Nordic-style pieces to our space. For example, a scandi sofa accompanied by scandi nest tables, textiles with geometric patterns, etc. The idea is to combine these pieces, both furniture and accessories, with other elements to decorate a loft: its brick walls, its metal lamps and many other icons of this style.

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Decorate a Loft

In a modern version with the contemporary look

Another decorative style that also helps us to give life to a loft is the contemporary one. As we said at the beginning of the article, the industrial look has much visual weight, so we must choose another complementary style that serves as the basis to give life to our loft. And the modern look is one of them.

Its straight lines, its discreet and simple design and its noble materials contribute to give a modern touch to our loft, but without overloading the decoration. The result is an elegant and relaxed industrial.

And how can we incorporate contemporary style into decorate a loft? Very easy! As with the Nordic, the contemporary look can be added to a loft with characteristic pieces of this style. Choose the main modern style furniture to furnish your loft and use industrial brushstrokes to put the final touch to your decoration.

Decorate a Loft

Brilli Brilli with the sophisticated style

The last style that we propose for your industrial loft is the sophisticated and glam. Although you may find it surprising, in reality these two styles also work very well together. You just have to find the perfect balance.

In fact, the sophisticated style is perfect to subtract sobriety and coldness from the factory look. How? The brilliant finishes of the glam look illuminate and put the sophisticated touch. In this style, trend materials such as marble, copper and silver also triumph. But also pleasant fabrics like hair and velvet. So do not hesitate to introduce these materials and fabrics in your loft.

And, in practice, how do these two styles combine? You have two options. You can choose the basic and main furniture in its most sophisticated version and let the industrial accessories put the final touch. Another interesting option is to decorate a loft with industrial furniture and add some piece in glam version. Maybe a small gilt or marble table or a piece of velvet upholstery.

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